Magnets Make People Think Of Love, Study Finds

Animal magnetism may be a more literal concept than it's given credit for, according to a new study that finds that people are more attracted to their romantic partners after playing with magnets. The research is an example of a social priming effect, an old idea in psychology that has recently become more controversial. The idea holds that when people […]

How To Set Up Your New Logitech Harmony

Universal remote controllers serve a useful purpose. Logitech’s Harmony controllers are among the most popular in the marketplace. Unfortunately, they’ve been known to have complicated setups. The Harmony Elite, which launched in 2015, is among the easiest universal remote controllers to use. Whether you’ve already purchased a Harmony Elite or are considering buying one, this guide is for you. What Is Logitech […]

Who We Are: An Inside Look At Our Writers And Their Workstations

Here at MakeUseOf, we don’t have a central office. Nor do we have cubicles, a water cooler, or (sadly) a cafeteria. All of us work remotely and we all tune in from various ends of the earth, making us a truly international website. But wouldn’t it be neat if you could see how we worked? Our locations are not the only thing that […]

What Is A Cpu And What Does It Do?

Acronyms are the tech world’s favorite way to make interesting technology sound incredibly confusing. When hunting out a new PC or Laptop, the specifications will mention the type of CPU you can expect to find in the shiny new device. Frustratingly, they almost always fail to tell you why that’s so important. When faced with decisions between AMD and Intel, […]

Clippingmagic Easily Removes The Background Of Any Image You Have

Is the background spoiling your favorite photo? Perhaps someone photo-bombed a holiday snap? Or the dog accidentally wandered into an otherwise perfect family portrait? If so, you need a way to remove the background of the image. And one of the best tools for the job is Clipping Magic. It’s a web app, so there’s no download, no compatibility issues, and […]

How Do Browsers Display Web Pages, And Why Don’t They Ever Look The Same?

As you browse the web, it’s not uncommon to come across sites that look different from one device to another. Perhaps some features don’t work at all. Often, this isn’t a problem with the website. It’s your browser. The five main desktop browsers use four different “rendering engines” to display a web page — the new Microsoft Edge browser for Windows […]

Debian: Enjoy One Of The Most Stable And Trusted Linux Distributions

There are plenty of Linux users out there who are using distributions such as Ubuntu or one of the many distributions which are based from Ubuntu, including Linux Mint. However, no matter what you’re using, as long as it uses .deb packages, there’s one main distribution where it all comes from – Debian. There are a good number of reasons why […]