How To Get More Space For Photos On Your Iphone

Between music, podcasts, photos, videos, and apps, you can run out of space on your iPhone pretty fast. Thankfully, the free iOS app IceCream helps solve one of those problems by giving you more space for the photos on your phone. To use IceCream, you will have to sign up for a free account. They also suggest providing your phone number […]

WithU: Share IPod Music Library With IOS & DLNA / UPnP Devices [iOS] (Free Licences)

iPod owners have a large music collection on their devices. Normally to use another device to listen to music stored on your iPod, you would first have to transfer the songs to the other device. But a far more convenient option would be to stream your iPod’s music using another iOS device or a DLNA / UPnP device. This feature […]

Evidence Of 3,000-year-old Cinnamon Trade Found In Israel

How far would you go to get your cinnamon fix? If you lived in the Levant 3,000 years ago (a region that includes modern day Israel), very far indeed new research indicates. Researchers analyzing the contents of 27 flasks from five archaeological sites in Israel that date back around 3,000 years have found that 10 of the flasks contain cinnamaldehyde, […]

Lizzie Velásquez, The 'world's Ugliest Woman,' Offers 10 Inspirational Quotes – Youqueen

Bullies identified this Texas native as “the world’s ugliest woman.” But she’s not letting that get her down. Here is some inspiration from the woman herself. Lizzie Velásquez, 25, was once branded “the world’s ugliest woman” by cyber bullies. She learned about this when she clicked on a YouTube video that featured a few seconds of her from a local […]

Why Do Some Apps Look Bad On My Retina Display? (and How To Fix It)

When Apple released the MacBook Pro with Retina display this time last year, they raised the bar for laptop display technology, as they previously did for the smartphone and tablet industries. The only issue they created was a software one: suddenly apps designed for non-Retina screens looked bad. The problem wasn’t only with third-party apps but also some of Apple’s […]