15 Essential Safari IOS Tips & Tricks For IPhone Users

A surprising number of useful actions in Safari on iOS are hidden behind long presses, gestures, and 3D Touch. The browser’s UI is simple, clean and sharp and while I do appreciate that, it comes at the cost of reduced discoverability. Whether you’re new to the iPhone or iPad or you’ve been using Safari for years, I’m sure you’ll find something […]

Kantaris – A Great New Media Player Based On Vlc

When you want to play media, films and music, there are tons of possibilities at your disposal. Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, VideoLAN and Media Player Classic are just some of the available software suites. It’s hard to determine ‘the best’ piece of software amongst the bunch, because this is a very subjective matter, but there are several reasons why the Kantaris media […]

We7 – Your Personalized Free Streaming Radio [uk Only]

WE7 is a new streaming radio service that’s just launched in the UK, with web and mobile apps that provides personalised playlists. The available content is the same as Spotify but without the bloated media player. Head on over to we7.com to start streaming now, or read on for the full review. Online Streaming Even without creating a free account, […]

Eat This After Your Workouts – Youqueen

You’ve finished your workout and you feel great, strong and toned, but hungry? Well, that is excellent, because for about 1 hour after exercising, there’s a window of opportunity when your muscles are absolutely craving nutrients. And this is the perfect time to stimulate muscle repair, growth and strength and replenish your energy stores. Take a look at the following […]

Dog Rescued From Death Row At The Very Last Minute Finds The Perfect Family 1,000 Miles Away

This story comes from The Animal Rescue Site, which in addition to featuring fan-submitted rescue stories, offers a wide selection of clothing, décor, pet supplies and other unique items.  For each purchase made, a food donation is given to shelter pets in need. Honey, as named by the rescue group, was rescued from the streets of Tennessee in 2012. She was […]