3 Useful Text Selection Tricks For Microsoft Word You Should Know

Microsoft Word is all about productivity. Every feature is designed to make your life easier. But in our search for the biggest effort savers, let’s not forget about the little helpers that save us a lot of time too. Here are three useful ways to select text in Microsoft Word you should use more often. Selecting an Entire Sentence in Microsoft […]

A Cautionary Tale: When Google Decides To Hold On To Your Personal Data And Won’t Let Go

We trust Google with our personal data every day: What happens when they won’t let us take it when we need it? I’ve recently had just such a scenario. I am a big Google fan – I use them as my search engine (of course), Chrome has been my primary browser for years, I’ve been managing my photos using Picasa, […]

Why It’s Better To Have Different Twitter Accounts [Opinion]

Advertisement This article came about because of a question I had asked a few months back in our Answers section. The answer which I received pretty much decided the debate for me that it’s better to have multiple Twitter accounts. I am sure after reading Roy’s well thought out reply, you would also give your Twitter identity bit of a rejig. […]

The Best Chromebox Mini PC For Price And Performance

Google’s lightweight Chrome OS for desktops doesn’t need a large PC. Loaded on mini PCs you can mount at the back of your monitor, these inexpensive Chromeboxes are excellent purchases. You should know that as these desktop PCs get smaller, so does their capability. But that affects the Windows operating system more. Chrome OS is light, fast, and runs smoothly […]

Need A New Game? Candy Crush Is Boring Compared To This One [Android]

Let me be straight about this: games are not my forte. Not only do I not have time to play most days, I’m also extremely picky when it comes to mobile games. Yes, I got addicted to Temple Run (who didn’t?), and maybe several other iPad games, but I’m usually very hard to please, and only very specific types of […]

Mayor Of Madrid Threatens Street Sweeper Duty For Poop Offenders

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone cleans up after their dog when they poop on a sidewalk.  If you live in Spain’s capitol Madrid, you REALLY don’t want to forget to do it.  The mayor is threatening to assign people street cleaner duty as part of an offender’s consequences for not cleaning up after your dog. Mayor Manuela Carmena is […]

Decorate Your Home With These 7 Stylish Security Cameras

First-generation home security cameras had many flaws, including connection issues and poor video quality. They were also rather dull looking. Security cameras have improved significantly over time. Most are now wireless and run on your home’s Wi-Fi network. Most capture HD video. And current-generation cameras have been designed to look much better inside and outside the home. Great Looking Indoor […]