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How To View And Delete All Your Windows 10 Activity History

Windows 10 collects and saves your activity history both on your computer and to the cloud, from browsing history to location information to everything in between. Luckily Microsoft makes it easy to see all the data that is being stored, and also makes it easy to delete it. What Data Does Windows 10 Track? The data that Windows collects includes: Edge […]

Organize Yourself With Allmynotes Organizer Deluxe Edition [giveaway]

Information is pretty much digital these days. To manage all that digital information, you need a good information organizer. AllMyNotes Organizer is a solution you should consider for storing all your ideas, notes, financial entries, address book contacts, records, and passwords. All that personal information needs the bolt of security, and AllMyNotes Organizer for Windows locks it down with encryption. […]

Easily Edit Multiple Photos At Once With Batchphoto For Windows And Mac [giveaway]

Have you ever taken a lot of photos and needed to edit them all at once? Whether they need to be resized, rotated, or combined into a photo album, editing the photos one-by-one can be a pain. BatchPhoto, which touts itself as the fastest photo editor, makes this easy. BatchPhoto’s three-step wizard walks you through selecting multiple images, applying a […]

The Best Sandbox Tools To Safely Test Windows Programs

When testing a new, unknown program, there is one sure way to keep your computer from harm: use a sandbox environment. If the program is unstable, malicious, part of an adware bundle, or even a virus, the sandbox environment is isolated from the rest of your system. That means no interference, no virus, no malware, and so on. And all […]

6 Ways To Hack & Customize The Windows 10 Start Menu

The Start Menu is back and has once again become the pivotal point of Windows. How could Microsoft ever remove the iconic Start Menu in the first place? It’s different though, with the classic design now integrating the tiles introduced with Windows 8’s Start Screen. If used well, the tiles can add a lot of value to your Windows experience. […]