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The Power Of Hashtag: Using Social Media To Raise Awareness (op-ed)

Brian Dyak is president, CEO and co-founder of the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) and executive producer of Dyak contributed this article to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. "Mental health issues, I believe, are the problems of our time right now … Yet, we're still almost prehistoric in our attitudes toward these conditions. It's up to media to […]

World's Largest Aircraft Completes Successful Test Flight

It's a plane, it's a blimp … it's the world's largest aircraft. A massive airship dubbed the Airlander 10 recently completed a successful test flight, bringing the helium-filled behemoth one step closer to commercial use. Though it looks like a massive blimp, the Airlander 10 combines technology from airplanes, helicopters and airships. It is designed to stay aloft at altitudes […]

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