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5 Legendary Web Tools Replaced By Facebook Features

With Facebook passing 1.44 billion active users last April and 1.25 billion mobile users, the social networking giant appears unbeatable. And as it introduces more and more features, it is slowly edging out smaller apps and services out of the way. In addition to buying out major apps like Instagram, Facebook’s Messenger, Places, and comments system are undeniably popular. Articles have been […]

Find Out How Much Traffic Twitter Is Sending To Your Website

Tracking individual Twitter visitors to your websites isn’t possible, but you can at least tell how much traffic Twitter (or any other social network) is sending your way. All of that information is just a few clicks away when using an analytics tool like Google Analytics. To check overall social network traffic using Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All Traffic […]

Facebook Friend Requests: Unwritten Rules & Hidden Settings

Facebook is all about connecting with other people and making friends. Yet friend requests are delicate and can quickly get you in trouble with Facebook. While you probably won’t get banned for inappropriate friend requests, many people have been blocked from adding more friends. And even if it was a mistake, there’s no way to lift the block early. It […]

Chatrooms Aren’t Dead. Meet, From Facebook

Facebook has released a new app that allows for semi-anonymous chatrooms. Called Rooms, it’s currently available for iOS, with an Android and iPad native port not far away. The decision to release an anonymous chat app is an unusual one for Facebook. Previously, they’ve deactivated the accounts of anyone with a name that’s even moderately unusual, and their strict stance […]

Suddenly In The Spotlight: A Guide To Teenage Accounts [weekly Facebook Tips]

Facebook recently decided to allow teens to share posts publicly and allow following. If you have teenage kids, or you are a teenage kid, you might be wondering what the implications of this are. Here’s what you need to know. In effect, the new Facebook teenager accounts are just like regular accounts, but with a few safety features built in. […]

How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags To Get More Likes And Followers

The humble hashtag is an integral part of Instagram, the photo-sharing social network. Using hashtags is how your photos show up in the “Discover” tab, it’s how other people can find pictures, and it leads to more likes. But you probably need some help on using the right hashtags. To an Instagram newbie, the a culture of cryptic hashtags is […]