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How To Set Up Your New Logitech Harmony

Universal remote controllers serve a useful purpose. Logitech’s Harmony controllers are among the most popular in the marketplace. Unfortunately, they’ve been known to have complicated setups. The Harmony Elite, which launched in 2015, is among the easiest universal remote controllers to use. Whether you’ve already purchased a Harmony Elite or are considering buying one, this guide is for you. What Is Logitech […]

Smart Home Hacking: How To Set Up Your Devices To Stay Safe

When you think of smart home hacking, you probably don’t think of Burger King. In fact, you might not think about smart home hacking at all. Why would someone want to get into your thermostat or your doorbell? But, smart home security is a big deal. And Burger King recently showed us why. What, Exactly, Did Burger King Do? Essentially, […]

Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Home With A Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. While the technology has sometimes gotten a bad rap, it can truly make a big difference in making your house cleaner — without you needing to raise a finger. Instead of having to lug a standard vacuum all around the house and spend time and energy sucking up dust, […]

4 Completely Wireless Security Cameras For Your Home

Thanks to fast and nearly ubiquitous Wi-Fi technology, home security cameras have quickly become a great addition to any smart home. Instead of spending thousands to keep an eye on your home, there are a wide variety of different options that can even integrate with other smart home devices. And you can keep an eye on what’s happening anywhere in […]

Decorate Your Home With These 7 Stylish Security Cameras

First-generation home security cameras had many flaws, including connection issues and poor video quality. They were also rather dull looking. Security cameras have improved significantly over time. Most are now wireless and run on your home’s Wi-Fi network. Most capture HD video. And current-generation cameras have been designed to look much better inside and outside the home. Great Looking Indoor […]

Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana for Home Voice Control

Advertisement Siri, Google Now, and Cortana: Three leading voice assistants that can complete your automated tasks. They come highly recommended by smart home users and are constantly evolving to deliver better results. And while each assistant is great at what it’s designed to do, it does come with flaws and limitations.  To find which is best for you, and which voice […]