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8 Successful Women Entrepreneurs Who Changed The World – Youqueen

To celebrate women ’standing on their own two feet’, we have compiled a list of just some of the many successful female entrepreneurs who have changed the world. Women have been proving for a long time that they can achieve anything they want in life, and what’s more, they are not afraid to break a few rules along the way. […]

Lizzie Velásquez, The 'world's Ugliest Woman,' Offers 10 Inspirational Quotes – Youqueen

Bullies identified this Texas native as “the world’s ugliest woman.” But she’s not letting that get her down. Here is some inspiration from the woman herself. Lizzie Velásquez, 25, was once branded “the world’s ugliest woman” by cyber bullies. She learned about this when she clicked on a YouTube video that featured a few seconds of her from a local […]