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How To Pick The Best Music Streaming Service For You

Estimates suggest more than 100 million people now pay to stream music, and Spotify alone has a further 70 million non-paying customers. If you’re one of those 170 million people, how did you choose the streaming music service you currently use? What factors did you consider before signing up? For most people, the research probably stopped at “price.” However, there’s […]

7 New Books All Geeks Should Read In July 2016

Lots of fantastic new books are released every month, many of which are guaranteed to appeal to geeks. Here, we offer a selection of those titles; some about technology or geek culture, some being science fiction or fantasy novels, and some being books we just think you’ll like. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the great books […]

How To Watch More Netflix, Hulu, And Youtube In Less Time

With entire seasons of new and old shows Finished Stranger Things? 8 TV Shows to Watch Next on Netflix What’s a Stranger Things fan to do when they have watched every episode and another season isn’t due out anytime soon? Below are 8 TV shows you should watch next on Netflix. Read More available on Netflix and Hulu on any […]

Here’s How To Get Deezer Working On An Apple Watch

Deezer, one of the more popular streaming music services out there (along with other big guns like Pandora and Apple Music), is now available on Apple Watch. If you’re a subscriber in one of the 180 countries served by Deezer and you own an Apple Watch, this is great news. But how do you actually get it working on your device? […]