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How To Block Google From Listening On Android

Today’s voice assistants are convenient but come with some privacy concerns. Many users are understandably worried about companies keeping records of everything you say to these assistants. If you’d like to stop Google from always listening for a wake word on your phone, here are a few different ways to do so. Please see our full explanation on how Google records on […]

Three Steps To Restore Your Sluggish Android’s Performance

It may confuse readers to know that the solid state memory in Android devices naturally slow down with use. Before Android 4.3 released, many believed cheap flash memory modules contributed to bad performance. It shocked everyone that both cheap memory and a little-known bug in Android were culprits. All Android and iOS devices use primitive, compared to desktop SSDs, solid […]

Phone2location Shows The Geo-location Of Any Phone Number

Wouldn’t it be great if you always knew the origin of every phone call you receive? We get so many marketing calls and scam calls that it makes you want to throw your phone into the nearest puddle. If you’re on Android, you’re in luck. You can keep your phone dry by installing an app called Phone2Location from the Google Play […]

How To Turn Any Website Into An Android App In Seconds

Android has a problem. The Play Store is filled with apps that are notorious for invasive permissions, and many apps keep running in the background even when not in use, draining your device’s battery. The culprits are some of the biggest and most popular apps out there. Facebook is definitely ruining your Android. Snapchat, Google+, and others constantly work in the background even […]

Lucid Launcher: A Tiny Launcher With Big Innovations

It sometimes feels as though half of the apps on Google Play are launchers. But this one is different – I promise. While we’ve previously looked at industry giant Nova that hews close to the official Android line, we also reviewed more unique launchers such as Action Launcher and even context-based Chameleon. We like these, because they capture the spirit […]

9 Questions New Linux Users Always Ask

Linux is different. I don’t blame people who find it confusing, especially those who come from a Windows background. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when making the switch. That’s what happens when you step from one world into another. But rest assured: that sense of being overwhelmed won’t last long. Every new Linux user always goes through a similar […]