Author: Philip Bates

Everything You Need To Know About Your Whatsapp Privacy Settings

It’s on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone, and boasts over 600 million active users worldwide – but after Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, should you be worried about your privacy? Earlier this year, we asked you if you use WhatsApp. Over 60% of participating readers confirmed that it’s rather popular. We gave its iOS and Android versions glowing reviews. But […]

Why Passphrases Are Still Better Than Passwords & Fingerprints

Remember the days when you set “password” as your password? Many still use such insanely insecure methods, but even the humble password has evolved. We now use passcodes or passphrases wherever we go. They unlock your online banking, games accounts, and devices. But to some, even these have been rendered superfluous, replaced by supposedly-superior validation practices. Here’s why you should […]