Author: Nancy Messieh

5 Legendary Web Tools Replaced By Facebook Features

With Facebook passing 1.44 billion active users last April and 1.25 billion mobile users, the social networking giant appears unbeatable. And as it introduces more and more features, it is slowly edging out smaller apps and services out of the way. In addition to buying out major apps like Instagram, Facebook’s Messenger, Places, and comments system are undeniably popular. Articles have been […]

How To View And Delete All Your Windows 10 Activity History

Windows 10 collects and saves your activity history both on your computer and to the cloud, from browsing history to location information to everything in between. Luckily Microsoft makes it easy to see all the data that is being stored, and also makes it easy to delete it. What Data Does Windows 10 Track? The data that Windows collects includes: Edge […]

Find Out How Much Traffic Twitter Is Sending To Your Website

Tracking individual Twitter visitors to your websites isn’t possible, but you can at least tell how much traffic Twitter (or any other social network) is sending your way. All of that information is just a few clicks away when using an analytics tool like Google Analytics. To check overall social network traffic using Google Analytics, go to Acquisition > All Traffic […]

5 More Places To Help You Find Quality Creative Commons Images

Last year, we introduced you to five great places to find Creative Commons images, with the list including heavyweights like Flickr and Google Image Search, along with a few more services you might not have heard of. Today we’re updating that list, and adding 5 more services that take the hard work out of finding Creative Commons images. There are […]

How To Start Skype Conversations Without An Account Or App

Better late than never! Skype has finally introduced a way for anyone to use their service without signing up. And better yet, you can chat with anyone on Skype without downloading any software to your computer. All you need is a browser and the Skype website. To start a conversation, go to the Skype homepage and click the Start a Conversation […]

How To Watch More Netflix, Hulu, And Youtube In Less Time

With entire seasons of new and old shows Finished Stranger Things? 8 TV Shows to Watch Next on Netflix What’s a Stranger Things fan to do when they have watched every episode and another season isn’t due out anytime soon? Below are 8 TV shows you should watch next on Netflix. Read More available on Netflix and Hulu on any […]

Handsome Stats – Get The Google Analytics Stats That Matter Most

Google Analytics is one of the most robust options out there for keeping track of how visitors are interacting with your website, where they’re coming from and more. But sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming trying to figure out what all the data means, and to filter down to the data that you really want to to view. […]