Author: Joel Lee

Who We Are: An Inside Look At Our Writers And Their Workstations

Here at MakeUseOf, we don’t have a central office. Nor do we have cubicles, a water cooler, or (sadly) a cafeteria. All of us work remotely and we all tune in from various ends of the earth, making us a truly international website. But wouldn’t it be neat if you could see how we worked? Our locations are not the only thing that […]

7 Ways To Take Full Advantage Of Your Kindle

Despite what the purists might say, the Kindle has done a lot to modernize the reading experience, even to the point of allowing people to read more every year. Being able to effortlessly carry hundreds of books with you anywhere you go will do that. Sadly, most people don’t know that there’s more to it than simply “buy on Amazon […]

9 Questions New Linux Users Always Ask

Linux is different. I don’t blame people who find it confusing, especially those who come from a Windows background. It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed when making the switch. That’s what happens when you step from one world into another. But rest assured: that sense of being overwhelmed won’t last long. Every new Linux user always goes through a similar […]

9 Lesser-known Android Apps That Will Change Your Life

App lists are a dime a dozen. Most of the time, you go through them and realize that there’s nothing new for you. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is always parroting the same apps as everyone else? If so, we’ve got a surprise for you. We’ve gone through and compiled a list — based on personal experience and user recommendations […]

5 Life Skills That Video Games Can Help You Develop

Video games can help you succeed at life. It’s an uncommon opinion to have, especially in mainstream media and pop culture, and most anti-gaming activists are quick to point out that video games tend to cultivate immaturity, violence, and even addiction. However, like most kinds of media, video games can be both good and bad. As one who grew up […]

3 Clever Powershell Functions After Upgrading To Windows 10

The release of Windows 10 is finally here! With it comes PowerShell, essentially Command Prompt on steroids. It offers a lot of features that can make you more productive. Consider learning it and start with these basic PowerShell commands. Once you’re familiar with it, keep reading for a handful of PowerShell tricks that may prove helpful to you at some point or another. Uninstall […]


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