Author: Dave Parrack

Amazon Freetime Is Now Available On Android

Parents now have a new way of keeping their kids entertained using their phones. This is thanks to Amazon launching its FreeTime app on Android. FreeTime has previously only been available on Amazon devices such as Fire tablets, Fire TV, and Kindles, but it’s now newly available on Android. With everyone and their dog now owning a smartphone, it’s increasingly […]

Youtube Copies Netflix, Google Kills Songza… [tech News Digest]

YouTube channels the spirit of Netflix, Google subsumes Songza, Wikipedia creates a new AI, Adele admits streaming is the future, and the pop songs of 2015 get mashed up into one. YouTube Wants to be the New Netflix YouTube is keen to become the new Netflix, with sources claiming the Google-owned company is actively pursuing the rights to stream movies […]

Amazon Testing Kindle Unlimited, Driverless Cars Are Lethal Weapons, And More… [tech News Digest]

Also, Apple and IBM get into bed together, BlackBerry is getting its own virtual personal assistant, a former dictator is suing over a Call Of Duty game, and Futurama is reimagined in 3D, with truly eye-popping results. Amazon Testing Kindle Unlimited Service Amazon is currently testing Kindle Unlimited, a $9.99-per-month subscription service offering unlimited access to more than 600,000 Kindle […]

The 10 Greatest Hits Of Zero Punctuation Reviews

Video game reviews are notoriously hard to judge, as a genre that one person loves will be hated by another. An individual may value storyline and dialog above all else, while another will be more concerned with gameplay and visuals. Using websites which draw reviews from numerous sources in order to give an average score, such as Metacritic, is one […]

Google Launches Fiber Phone, Soundcloud Go Starts Streaming… [tech News Digest]

Google brings Fiber to home phones, SoundCloud Go competes with Spotify, Instagram lets you record 60-second videos, Waze warns against speeding, and Smell Dating is as gross as it sounds. Google Fiber Launches a Phone Service Google has launched a home telephone service called Fiber Home, which, for $10-a-month, offers unlimited calls within the United States and international calls priced […]

5 Facebook Status Updates Guaranteed To Annoy [opinion]

Facebook is, by all accounts, closing in on 1 billion users. That’s an awful lot of people maintaining a profile on the site, and telling their family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who will listen, what’s going on in their lives. Social networking probably shouldn’t be used as a replacement for real conversations and relationships, but many people appear to […]

Bitcoin Crisis At Mtgox, Glass Lobbies, New Yotaphone, Xbox One Twitch [tech News Digest]

Today in Tech News Digest, Bitcoin exchange MtGox goes offline, Google lobbies hard over Glass driving legislation, the dual-screen YotaPhone 2 debuts, you can buy BBM for $19 billion, Twitch streaming finally comes to Xbox One, Gmail adds an ‘Unsubscribe’ button, and Paramount stops the Top Gun tweets. Bitcoin Exchange MtGox Goes Offline Bitcoin exchange MtGox has gone offline, and […]