Author: Ben Stegner

How To Block Google From Listening On Android

Today’s voice assistants are convenient but come with some privacy concerns. Many users are understandably worried about companies keeping records of everything you say to these assistants. If you’d like to stop Google from always listening for a wake word on your phone, here are a few different ways to do so. Please see our full explanation on how Google records on […]

If Your Windows 10 Search Is Broken, Try This Fix

Because Windows 10 is constantly evolving, new issues often suddenly crop up. We covered a massive collection of fixes to problems caused by the Anniversary Update and problems continue to trickle in. This time, the bug affects Windows search. Search has received plenty of updates in recent Windows versions, adding plenty of tricks that let you find just what you’re looking […]

How To Password Protect Your Onenote Notebooks

OneNote is an extremely versatile tool, and it’s now free for everyone. Whether you use OneNote to take notes in class, stay on top of projects, or make a scrapbook, you’ll find something to love about it. Depending on your use for OneNote, you might be interested in keeping the contents of a notebook secure. Thankfully, OneNote includes the ability […]

Free Games For Ps Plus & Xbox Live In September 2017

As summer draws to a close, you can still celebrate new games for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Here are September’s games you can download for free. PlayStation Plus First up on PS4 is inFAMOUS Second Son, an open-world action-adventure game where you play as a superhero who can become good or evil based on choices you make. […]

Every Parent Should Check Out This Kid-friendly Search Engine

As powerful as search engines are, they come with some drawbacks. With today’s children using the Internet at earlier ages than ever before, they’re bound to stumble upon inappropriate content online sooner or later. To help with this issue, there have been several kid-oriented search engines, but their results have been mixed. Now, there’s a new search engine on the […]