Morning Announcements Friday November 9th

Good morning School Street I am Preston Neil and I’m Megan Spencer today is Thursday November 9th the time is 9 o’clock please stand for a moment sides followed by the pledge I pledge allegiance our school Street mission statement is lead learning everyone working together always be respectful in doing our best celebrating birthdays today our shine van Gorham Taylor.

Anderson mink Malek Harpster and Maddox Harpster cartax Lincoln over the weekend is McKenzie buck happy birthday the tennis Award winners are Jay Lee Pascarella from 5th grade Calvin’s Gilman from 4th grade and Jackson Campfield from.

The office after announcements to receive your prize we have something very special happening to School Street today this is our Veterans Day assembly this is our somebody like no other the other the purpose is to think think and celebrate those that are.

Serving and have served in the different branches of the military please be very accessible at the Assembly today for the last 5 days we’ve been learning about a variety of clubs available at.

School Street today is the day that you will pick your top two favorite clubs your teacher has given you an application that you will fill out please fill out every section the best you can all applications are due by the end of today please turn in your application to your.

Teacher before you leave for the weekend thank you we like to we.

Will not like to turn over tonight Thank You Preston today at 11:00 in the library there will be a reading competition book talk for the books call it courage and deer lovey back to you in the studio the word of the day yesterday was taunt it means to tease or.

Make fun of winners are alex here from miss Johnson’s class K we made from Miss Remsen dolls class and karlie Pascarella from Miss chameleons class please come to the office after announcements to receive your prize today’s word is rattled retaliating you can get hurt if you try to retaliate against a bully the spelling is our atl i a t retaliate we have a video to show about our wig update good morning.

Boys and girls this is your president President.

Trump I’m very excited to be here at school Street Elementary when I first heard about the incredible amount of books read by the students at this school I thought it was fate news but then after meeting with your fabulous principal mrs. tingly very probably one of the greatest principals and the entire country I learned about your school why win your wildly important goal where each student is expected to read 40 books this year then I saw the 5th grade has read an impressive 2,140 books that’s ten point four books per.

Student fourth grade has ranked 2341 books that’s 12 books per.

Student and in third grade has read an amazing 3268 books that’s an impressive 17 points since books per student this is a huge stole of.

Boys and girls absolutely huge and then I saw your grade level leaders in fifth grade.

McGinnis is classed as ready superior 331 books in 4th.

Rowan’s class as Retina me see 487 books and in third grade our school-wide leader is mr. Norris glass with 573 books amazingly impressive boys and girls I want all of you to continue with your fantastic reading all of you can be leaders by reaching your yearly goal of 40 books and helping to make America great again while school Street we’ve read a lot of books.

The week care word winners are from mr.

greeson’s Madison will Cox and Tyler Lamphere. pucelli um Linda Davis miss Cattell camera and Marah and Addison Benson miss Pierce and Leon theis from fourth grade for miss Lawrence is Ozzie Rosen from mr. France Isabella sandy from is clop Jacob hard from miss roads Willem Newman Madison we linked from mr. Swanson’s Jordan meals from his rule OHS Morgan and Jimmy cool clear show show by along from miss Hillard Lindsay Claypool from fifth grade miss meet from this.

Means in Isaiah charming see I miss Brady BA cherish pug lousy mr. Prosser will like to recognize Amelia whole games and Leah Kelly mrs. Denman will like to recognize Elissa Corps Guinea and Maddy Jordan if you throw away a joke it means what I don’t.

Know what doesn’t mean you forgot it have a wonderful day.

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