11 9 18 Morning Announcements

To find out the winner but the real winners are our friends in Florida who we are helping out thanks for your generosity PMA all right I’m back Fred Knittle tentatively ran away they said they didn’t wanna stay.
For an announcement anymore so they took off all right now oh and as mrs.

Wessel said painting boards has been a lot of fun but.

The real winner here is the people in Florida that were helping so today’s the last day hopefully we’ll see another feat that I should we’ve raised a lot of money so far we’ll give you the total next.

Amazed I said on announcements yesterday the team ovations would take a hit because they were the only ones in the positive and they did take a huge hit a negative $44 but they’re still in first place it’s amazing we’ll see what happens all right also I forgot to tell you yesterday that I did meet my wellness Wednesday goal I got in my 10,000 steps before I left it’s not easy tinta how some steps is.

A lot you have to do a lot of walking to get to 10,000 steps but I did it we’ll see what my goal is next week who knows alright today we have our Veterans.

Day program at 9 o’clock in the gym we will call teams down it is always our honor to.

To recognize our veterans and on this program so you guys need to make sure that we recognize them appropriately you need to be on your best behavior behavior appropriately and then.

The end of our veterans a program we are have a silent dismissal and we when we say sign that we mean silent not a word not a peep nothing and every year we’ve done this that the kids have responded great we’ve always had a really good sign of dismissal and.

I expect that you guys will do the same also we talked yesterday about I’m gonna keep talking you guys about taking pride in this building you guys there’s a group.
Had some issues with trash on the floor we’ve talked.

About gum the restrooms food on the floor in the cafeteria we need to change that you guys need to take pride in this building and help keep it clean the custodians we have do a great job but they are here to maintain the.

Building not clean up all your messes and also think of this way some of the stuff you guys do here.

You would never do at home you would never just leave food on the floor.

At home or if you have a piece of gum you don’t want anymore just throw it in.

The carpet no one would do that at home don’t do it here this is all of our homes for a lot of you know we’re here for almost eight hours a day.

180 days during the year so to start home treat it like that and look at this picture see that’s Neyland helping clean up after mrs. lambs class at an activity there is big mess on the floor so they.

Cleaned it up themselves instead of relying on someone else to do it Thank You Nealon and thank you mrs. lang class and check out this completely random hand clap video I told you completely random hand clap.

Video great job girls alright jumps today why did.

The turkey decide to join a band because he already had two drumsticks that was from lane to dick house and this one is from anonymous oh wait there’s a name no that’s not a day I’m sorry okay here economist why did the farmer run a steamroller over his potato farmer why did the farmer run a steamroller over in his potato farm because.

He wanted to raise mashed potatoes that’s not the way to do it it’s just alright it’s all I have I have a great day and always be kind to one another.

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