11 9 18 Morning Announcements

Good morning Perry Academy please rise for a moment of silence followed by the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all alright welcome back and I do want to say for those of you. rawlston I know it’s hard to tell – you know from this thick beard it kind of obscures my face you might not recognize me but it is me mr. Austin a lot more gray in the beard this year I don’t like that don’t like it at all also I am aware that sometimes during announcements the video starts out level and.

Then it’ll go down and my head starts to get cut off the tripod I use is broken I’ve ordered a new and hope it’ll be here the next day or two but I just want you guys to know I do know that sometimes it gets a little lumpy and you can’t see me and I know.

You love to see my face so that’s a bad thing all right I also got a lot of names for these two you guys sent me some good ones some are kind of.

Add some are really out there like for the boy program Carl Melvin or Paul girl pilgrim phurba Olga Helga or Patricia then somebody I cannot find a name but they sent some Missy maybe some really bizarre names like for the female ARA me Oh Oh Kyra EE poo Nehru Eve Oni and it for the boy ace ace dry 3e gone calientes.

Those are far different hounds I’m gonna give you till the end of the day give me the rest I’m gonna be honest with.

You the front row right now it’s from tea on the street Fred methyl see if you can beat it got to tell the end of the day.

Alright birthdays today go happy birthday day two Brandon Guillen and Christopher’s so Zoe’s happy birthday to you guys go the office up to now let’s get your snack you find a.

Surprise penny war is update watch this video hello PA announcement lady here with your information about penny Wars day four but before I talk about that I want to remind you of another opportunity we have to help these people down in Florida today we’re honoring our veterans that’s Monday I’d.

Like you to help out and make some cards and notes to send to these kids and teachers they’re having a really hard time down there recovering from this hurricane and a little note of cheer or a fun joke from you.

A long way so I look forward to seeing your creativity you can give your note or card to your teacher and they’ll get it to me thanks PMA now for the numbers major flux was gestured a boys and girls oh my gosh my heart was pounding somebody put a $20.

Bill in each team’s jug except for encore Wow didn’t see.

That one coming but whoever did that thank you for your generosity so here are the standings after that surprise twist in sixth place my.

Friends on team prestige with negative 58 65 in 5th place my team accolade negative 50 79 fourth-placed team acclaim with a negative 49 24 third place team Bravo negative.

47 ninety-four this is real close you guys Wow second place encore 46 53 and still in first place team ovations negative 4209 this is super close mr.
Olsen this might be the closest penny wars we’ve ever done so stay tuned.

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