November 9, 2018 Morning Announcements

I’m Crispin and I need that orange and we are going this rather 5th grade class here are the top things you should know going on at Kimberley elementary school first please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and remain standing for a moment side you parent compacts are do now have you turned yours in have your classmates turn theirs.

In we are looking for a hundred percent from every class but the first three classes that turn in a hundred percent are winning prizes congratulations to miss rivers second grade class they won the pizza party congratulations also to miss Augustine and Miss J Miller’s kindergarten class they turned in all of their.

Forms and they won the popcorn party still looking for what will be the who will be the next class to.

Have a hundred percent and earn that popsicle party good luck the Scholastic Book Fair is coming it’s coming to our school filled with new books you’ll want to read.

And own you’ll find the best and most popular books and the most amazing stories get ready for the Scholastic Book Fair it’s coming soon where you one of the ones who would see they treat our ass if.

Tipic it for the junior Beta Club you want to know how to iron sheets monthly shape after war all month that’s positive class Georgia points at the end of each month students who receive 95 percent or higher positive points will receive a treat and a certificate this is why sths begins now it is that I see charge reaching times are as he a book of the March next Friday November 16th is our annual family Thanksgiving luncheon boys and girls make sure your family has RSVP’d how.

Many people will be coming on that day to sit and have lunch with you each class is on and I see you charge box in the box a student a teacher a staff even a bunch time in her studies needs.

Enough how they might make a school a better place teachers if you want some awesome notes share it out please send them to.

The media center to be shared on our learning enactments I also let Pope’s reactions of people reading or hearing their notes from there and post them to on to Twitter our access ApS exchange happy birthday this Saturday on.

Jules milk happy birthday when said Mary Linda GB London barn Mike Craig is closed Danielle Harvey and.

Please stop by the front Oh stretch it for Mississippi that’s the news for today have a fantastic Friday remember we are patches or respect others on responsibility always safe it ready at all times.

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