Announcements For 11-9-18

Good morning Ferndale it’s Friday and this is whv I’m Brady Snyder please stand for a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all now for the weather with Cheyenne.

Thanks Brady today it will be a high of 39 in a low of 26 austere also there would be a hundred chance of rain and now the mean of the.

Mean of the day thanks Cheyenne in the morning stop by the cafeteria for a great breakfast of Pop Tart cereal pears juice and milk now let’s look at your lunch menu for today meatball hoagie or ham and cheese sandwich or chef’s salad shredded mozzarella cheese tossed salad green beans peaches in milk jumping into today’s main announcements students will know I’m Reaper mitad.

To leave the building without a written note or a parent to sign them out it’s must be turned in to the office in.

The morning must include the date time to be dismissed the destination and the mode of transportation phone calls for dismissal will no longer be permitted attention all students who are selling.

Freckle mousse braided beads for French and Spanish clubs orders and money are due Tuesday November.
13 students tutoring is offered after.

School Monday through Thursday in the cafeteria from 2:30 p.

if you need some extra help in a class or just need to complete some missing assignments please attend the school store will open daily during homeroom purchases can be made using only high fives and be notes no cash will be accepted if you have spirit week or Halloween pictures that could be used in the.
Yearbook please email them to mrs.
Baum Ball as soon as possible when you come to breakfast you can put in your name for a chance to learn prizes if cars for Walmart cheats Amazon or a week of free snacks to new a few drawings will be Friday’s we will pick a winner every Friday.

Student sixteen years in order student councils blood drive will be Friday November 16th see mrs. Ritchie for permission slip all class rain cap and gown and commencement orders are due Wednesday November 14th orders will be collected during lunch seniors he must order your cap and gown through the whole month of November.

Student council be hosting the angel games remember to bring a dollar for the angel games to help support the woman’s help center soon council members will be.

Around during homeroom throughout the month now it’s time for everyone’s favorite part of the show the word of the week this week’s word is categorized a sense for categorize B we categorize the difference aspects of Education into different subjects.

To make them easier to deal with today’s birthday is Ivan bernheimer and tomorrow’s birthday is cadence Killinger I watched on I having.

Birthday when you see them make sure to hit that like button subscribe to our YouTube channel on that note that’s rapper Friday’s episode have a great day and a great weekend sayonara.

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