Tc Announcements 11/9

Good morning toxin crossing Eagles today is Friday November 9th 2018 please teachers pause the video at this time instead of Pledge of Allegiance the quote for the day is supporting the truth even when it is unpopular shows the capacity for honesty and integrity this quote was sent by Steve Brunckhorst the weather for today is high 42 and low.

22 degrees the watch may be for today is the veggie wrap corn puppy’s garden peas or.
Under the sea fish shapes the star awards for.

Barker’s class they had an awesome teamwork in PE nominated by mrs.
Lucia’s class they had an awesome sportmanship m PE also nominated by Miss Foreman this week on the Thomson crossing calendar hey TC family the Veterans Day program.

Is today today we are honoring all those who are who have served our country we are so proud to support our veterans also.

On the toxin crossing calendar we are asking you to support our troops to the warriors for warm feet donations please help support our veterans by sitting in brand-new adult size men socks and help fill up the blue tubs that are located around the school building these socks will be donated to the hvaf Hoosiers veterans assistance foundation we.

Love our veterans teachers please keep a tally of the number of socks that your student brings in and hand that tally sheet in by Monday November 12th to me mrs. Moore let’s go TC family and let’s support our troops the classroom with the biggest donation will win a pizza party for their.

Classroom YUM I love pizza starting Monday November 12 the TC famine will be some in the Civic canned food drive please please bring in any canned goods so that we can support those in need students every Friday morning is quiet rehearsal at 7:30 a. so don’t be late follow La teachers remember to send your students on every Friday before.

The nutrition Club the joke for the day is laughs we try Skinner Friday because they still its.
Name that’s all early announcements today always use the best integrity..

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