Lancer Morning Announcements – 11/9

Good morning used in the high school I’m Matt I’m Jake I’m good now let’s start this day off right and face our great American flag ready so Lou I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all student.
Activities winter formal is being held on Saturday.

December fit at the Manteca Transit.

contracts are now available in room two all students attending formal must have a contract there will be an M JC.

Application workshop held on November 28th on our campus if you would like to attend this workshop sign up in the Counseling Center and representative from Werner Pacific University will be here on campus November 15th if you’d like to learn more about this campus sign up in the Counseling Center also are you interested in firefighting careers Manteca Fire Department employees will be here on campus December 5th giving.

A career presentation sign up in the Counseling Center today hello my name is Cristina Woodson I’m me FCCLA secretary I’m here to promote SSC la and invite all previous and future and current members to compete this year FCCLA stands for family career and community leaders of america as you see how.

It is the National Career and Technical student organization that goes with Family and Consumer Science classes which includes culinary arts life management.

Adult living and CTE or ROP such as careers with children fashion interior design fashion or interior.

Design if you have ever taken one these classes or you’re currently taking one of them you are eligible for membership and FCCLA we would like to also invite.

Everyone who will be taking these.

Classes next semester or this semester or previously to come to our chapter meeting this Friday at room 13 next to the band room for more information hey ladies if you’re interested in softball conditioning starts on Monday after we come back from Thanksgiving start condition now and be ready don’t there don’t be square either hey guys we’re The.

Weavers and we’re back with the weather so today is a high of 71 and sunny and Saturday and Sunday are also highs of 71 and it.

Will be sunny all weekend so make sure you guys they warned stay cool stay safe this weekend it is a three-day weekend so make sure you guys are all rested up for.
Back to school on Tuesday so as you guys might know our powderpuff game.

Was on Wednesday so we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who came to the game.

Good job to the juniors and seniors he played Congrats seniors on the win and next.

We have a couple of highlights from the.


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