Christian Modesty: For Women & Men!

Verses that’s open for you like hardcore with me just so I felt like I had more of an ally as opposed to like some I do that’s her thing I don’t really know but like I’m with.

You like I support you it’s just like that’s that your fish it’s your decision so everywhere yeah I mean you’re so supportive you just like yeah it looks good yeah I like these styles I don’t like those styles do you.

Think I agree so they agree I actually thought about that yeah hey yeah off topic okay okay so man my next question is what are your personal ideas or your ideology of modesty and and/or the privatization of the body I believe that the Lord wants both males and females to use my terms correctly males you know to be modest not only an entire but in action and other areas as well like other areas but I think.

We need to be more modest in all areas slice just say that to be gentle but unlike on satire I think it’s mainly the purpose of being modest is to serve the.

Lord and to glorify Him and because that reflects a part of his.

Character and I don’t think it’s the main goal of modesty is to repel men or women’s or or increase or decrease attractiveness or any other thing I think it’s solely for the purpose of glorifying the Lord and I don’t think one who ever is male or female should try to be modest sold it to the purpose of repelling manner I mean you can but I don’t think that was the intention of that principle I mean it is a repellent that like it’s a byproduct it can be.

Done and it’s not really I’m sure not for me I’ll tell you I’m coming anything about me using my I was I was on again be with not always I like that she said those there because Sinatra food yeah characteristic of God I thought like yeah God is not like here’s my beauty everywhere ruin why he.

Does show a beauty everywhere but he’s not excessive with it and he probably even thought he doing modest with his doctor for display of beauty.

And I think to an extent is privatized like yes we have all of this nature that’s not privatized but just know like the.

Beauty of God intimately it is privatized within a relationship like with right here I mean.

Which I’m kind of like possible we’re.

Back I beat that not saying this Bible I’m saying like that’s like an idea that sprung up logically don’t like it yeah this is trippy officers okay this this is into swimwear and the beaches we live in Florida now so we go to the beach often so yeah geez bird at the beach no a woman awkward who is.

Mostly covered in you be mostly covered for me I think no not at all I mean especially with you where would you wear it like really cool you wear like these like like black Spanish tie thing which is not like this shirt covers like the rear and everything yeah I mean all the time yeah yeah we’re the thing that women clothing.

It’s just a weird I do not have it she looks what inhaled a rosary what is this yeah very.

Same yeah way god I will link you swim suit below y’all know you talking about yeah that’s really cool yeah I like it I don’t feel we’re if anything it looks kind of like athletic wear you know I don’t feel weird at all on.

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