Christian Modesty: For Women & Men!

Hey everyone Candiru here i’m back i planned to do two other videos tonight I’m going to do one other video tonight that you guys will see uploaded on a different video but right now I thought I would redo one of my very first few videos because I think we have better equipment I probably have better questions and we’ve.
Just kind of been walking this class a little bit.

Longer so without further ado I’d like to introduce again my husband Nate I’m going.

To do Q a kind of sort of thing an interview with him about modesty and privatization of the body in all areas so I wrote many questions and I’ve only told him like two or three of them that were like more complex questions I think you know he may have wanted like an extra five minutes in harmony I don’t remember.

What they were okay let happen so baby who I did that part out I don’t know I don’t get that you do it good I.

Do I did a lot okay question number one are you ready no I’m okay baby okay so number one did you notice when your wife started to dress more modestly just stop okay business play noticing that your dress has changed.

Before noticing that your ideology to change I think I noticed your ideology change first so I was more into kind of this yeah.

Okay look for a satellite every time much is dressing modestly I’m talking about my initial step from like not being half naked on.

Campus because I did I yeah well it’s so tough because I mean yeah fall where you’re not really is cold and you’re not really like okay on.

Exactly I’m sorry it’s my fever my second my second first time y’all did you think that is you then we took it down but we met twice the first time we’re.

Over day two different people so the second time that we met was in class a blue-and-white blue-and-white yes yes strive to dress in tight like the kind that’s like just a tank top and skin tight and it like stop time right give a strike oh hey.

We’re going to go where is it I got my modest even had no place in my wardrobe in the.

Country date before we got married anyway confines abroad Arizona Eddie mid-thigh and I had on like some low like kids type shoes and I was like I’m hot we were her I have a nice body and I’m going to show it so there was a distinct time that I stopped wearing and I there’s a distinct time I.

Never wear something like that again in public even I mean and like do you remember that that that cuz I remember it always be as much as I remember it very distinctively distinctly it’s hard to say cuz.

Going on might be still dress I mean like we’ve drawn it from what do you how we can welcome to over here and then we’re me going from passing it in public – I’m not going to be happening but I think I’m more so remember me being like where is that wondrous exactly where and you don’t really where’s this that.

Where’s that I think that that’s okay anyway.

I believe that my second question is did we ever have a conversation about like my changing ideology it’s about modesty clothing yeah we did and it wasn’t it was later on how did the conversation go or like like what do you remember.

Any of the conversations that maybe it had like without bouncing ideas off of you told me that you’re going to start different modest.

Modestly or more modest you were you know I can tell you had thinking about it for a while and you’re kind of letting me know like hey you not I think if you’re more so like I think this is an important thing for me to start doing and.
I was like absolutely do it that’s.

Great I mean I hope done this year the dresses I’m good that leads me to my next question okay so my next question is if I would have dressed the way that I dress now I would have dressed how I just now back then do you think you would have pursued me really yeah okay and make this hard to say because I think.

You’re really hot right now but I mean as far as again what I really yeah so if we met in the cafeteria at college so if our class did you do the first cafeteria sure everything started in the cafeteria so I test you if you were wearing Nike were dating it’s life if.
You were you’re wearing a hijab and I don’t know some slowly or something.

Really modest or whatever in a day it go away sure yeah if you were wearing that and you know we have the same conversation and then I saw you the next time many years later in class I was still.

Sat next to you oh yeah they’ll walk through class yeah absolutely yeah and so yeah we still would have built that connection in.
That relationship yeah well he’s not mine.

But yours are yours question you have any do you feel like you made any mistake and I feel like it’s our journey upon us because I feel like means become more modest too oh I think so I think in college you take a shirt off yeah just the first women like it’s just what guys do what do.

We do and there was kind of idea that I can take my shirt off but it’s better women wear one-piece so like I don’t feel like.

You have that do anyone but like do you feel like there’s any mistakes or just any regrets or anything that you think like man when she said this or when she started wearing a covering or whatever here’s how I could have been more helpful or.

Like new to church in gia Pickering on I probably said um I don’t know I think I’m more we’re kind of.

Innocent well maybe I’m not rare but I think that I was in my opinion very accepting I liked you wearing the head covering I thought you look more attractive or maybe just attractive in a.

New different way yeah you bought it back yeah it is more attractive anyways.

I like change I think it likes change mistake I’m still embarrassed where you burst because I just meant it in like in like general I care like and a half of in hair you just like change or like general like outward beauty like it was just like.

Different you look fun yet and like straight natural hair that’s fine like as a change right here able to change as long as it’s decently yeah I don’t even know if we answer the question yeah bring it over like there’s anything so I have something that I think like that’s what you didn’t do what like you could.

Have done better like solidify I think that when I first leave a change is the belief of Christian head covering in particular and I would have loved if you would have studied out those.

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