Getting In Fornite Before School

I’m scared so sorry umm don’t they don’t the hosts.

Don’t actually look like that and save the world.

Wasn’t like that in my day my dad goes like this don’t wait yeah was it like that in my day yeah I know fortnight let me guess he just true stones bushes to pretend that as a bush camper what he probably true.

Stones are a bush to make it look like he’s a bush camper well probably I know we did yes we did when I says you’re probably trunks turns out a bush Oh and fight meet yeah 84 where eighty four kills.

84 monster kills oh really I think that’s max you’ve ever got no that’s all I know max I’ve never got that’s 200 demas like ever way home curl streaming I love watching great videos tights it’s a duck my dad he’s the only.

Person on chat all day showing around the familiar faces the thing is that I don’t like about the battle bus tune is dart am is that you can’t really hear the music but you could hear the birthday one just great like me.

Maximum two kills in for nightmares like with the monsters is 600 laser-beam got it oh yeah but like I mean as my friend you got it Wow I don’t know I can’t widens my voice keep going high when I try doing that now and there’s a big problem where you’re not able to join your friends oh this is just pride y know I.

Actually used to light you like this but now I can’t like it Wow I go for night nightmares they do.

A dance system I know it’s so wait invite me and I’ll try to join I don’t.

Forget how about right before we all try to where you go into our options going turns epic friends and you might see and.

You’re appearing offline on PlayStation I am there now you can’t invite me reanimated reanimate is probably my best emo on my first team out we arrived from the battle pass find you you know idea yeah it’s bad isn’t it wait Danny are you my mic plugged out oh the person that plays.

Knife Bob and his name on for tonight is turkey face Wow don’t care wait Danny may is your game private or public – private that’s why I’m logging off have a good day guys I have to go I have to work no no I’ll pick you up after school on gray okay.

Adios I can join now they’re great adios amigo that’s why my dad said for you adios senorita.

I don’t know how to say boy so I’m just gonna say setting your yeah sorry senorita that’s how you say it no boy I know how to say segorita but.

Say boy in Spanish okay I’ll need to work mighty nothing okay Oh be back in a second all right oh hi do you.

Know how to play for at night yes okay but I’m not great at it okay where are we dropping I don’t know he I don’t know any places well Chuck on your mouth Chuck on your mouth I don’t why now I jump in okay well let’s go go tilt it well the big powers are so do you make videos on your channel sometimes motherland where did you.

Land I don’t know I like the decided Tree Hill hold on do you know how to get a kill I eat my highest killed is 100k actually feel so sorry for you because I think you could do better but that’s.

Not your fault it’s like a daddy met no he lets me play doh after turn off okay Madeline tell Danny I have to go on back Oh sugar I yeah okay I’m gonna stop this stream and Daniel history yeah but fortunately we have to go and learn.

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