Whimsy Stamps Halloween Mashup | Amyr 2018 Halloween Series 12

Hello everyone Amy are here with Prairie paper in ink and planning and hoping to do a big push of Halloween projects before the day so I pulled out a bunch of these whimsy products that I’d shown weeks and weeks ago and based I Club this video like it’s like a mash-up because I’m just combining a bunch of sets.

And one of the stencils so I have this light gray cardstock here and I die cut it with one of the Simon Says Stamp stitched.
Rectangle dies and then I pulled out the cute bit.

Psycho stamp set and I wanted that you know haunted house image is it the movie psycho I’m not sure what like someone mentioned in the previous.

Video and my brain is just mush but anyway that’s like the actual house woman anyway so I thought that’d be great for a background so I stamped that with grey ink this is Simon Says stamps slate no not slate.

I used smoke ink for this so I’ve got the background stamped and then I am using the Halloween creatures stencil and I’m just holding in place over top of it and I am using Brutus Monroe’s Raven glitter glaze which looks very I don’t know what you would call it it’s it looks kind of like as if it’s almost like a white opaque sort of.

A paste with this black flecks in it like it looks weird but I knew just from my previous experience with their paint with.

His pace that as it dried that the pace would drive pretty much clear and then like the.

Actual glitter would stand out which is exactly what happened which was perfect so I cleaned off my stencil cleaned off.

Knife set that aside put the lid back on the glitter paste do as one make sure you keep those sealed so that gives them less of a chance of drying out and then I decided to tape the stencil over the top of my card.

Base which is darker gray cardstock and I just showed these blending brushes in my last video in my haul video and I was raving about them I think everyone got a kick out of me being a complete nut over these but.

They’re really fun they work amazing so I use this smaller one of the smaller ones to blend over because this part of the stencil is very small like a regular you know sponge or anything I would have a have a hard time picking up the detail this would be fine with like if you’re using embossing paste or anything like that just scrape it over you be fine but these brushes are amazing for detail which I knew they would be so I.

Use the smaller one it just.

Out of curiosity plus I only need it like the top portion because your this is mostly this card.

Base will get covered up by my front panels so I started with this and got all the detail I was using black soot distressing regular distressing.
And then I decided I couldn’t I didn’t want to stop.

With the brush so I decided use the stencil on the.

Inside of the card too because it’s all sitting there and why not so I just sped this up but I just did the same thing you just you know swirled a brush into the ink pad and then just apply to the stencil really easy when I was done I wiped this onto a baby wipe I’ve found though and I’ll show in another upcoming video because I’m still playing with.

These brushes that what works really well for me is I’ll wipe on a baby weight but then I’ll wipe on my microfiber cloth that I like to use that really seems to kind of you know clean them well enough they’ll get stained I don’t care but you know I just want to make sure that the next time I go and use that brush I don’t get you.

Know black ink into the next thing so did all that wiped off my stencil and then for the little main images here I’m also using the whimsy stamps I’m using the year my.

Boo and the halloweeners stamp sets and I’ve got all these images laid out this is a scrap of Neenah classic crest solar white 80 pound card stock and I am stamping these images.

Ink which is a Copic friendly ink and just did my did them in my travel platform so that I could stamp all the images at once and I’m just gonna ink them.
Up and stamp them twice since there were new stamps and get.

Them all stamped once they’re stamped I’m gonna color these in with.

Copic markers really really simple quick and easy coloring I’ve said this before ghosts and mummies are kind of my favorite Halloween creatures for cards because they’re the easiest to color but really all these images were super easy but yeah in the scheme of just critters animals anything when it comes to coloring I like penguins and polar bears and snowmen ghosts mummies basically anything that it’s it’s white time it’s simple to color you add a little bit of shading for the.

Death and dimension and then you’re good to go but honestly I like all coloring I just sometimes it’s nice to be able to you know knock out a bunch and once like this card came together quite quickly which just makes my day especially when I’m running behind and I wanted to do like 20 more Halloween cards so I’ve listed the colors as I was using them on.

The screen here again super simple I’m not really doing much shading other than on the bats I did the darker grace and I did the same for little ghost shoes and I added some cool r20 for all our cheeks just because I could I thought it’d be kind of cute I did a green for the little vampire skin so I thought that’d be kind of fun and then the little ghost.

I added BG 10 just again to give it that little bit of dimension and then for the little mummy I used BV 20 to give again a little bit dimension but a little bit of.

A different color combo rather than the BG 10 so just went over with that blend that out a bit with my colorless blender just to smooth it out and then for the little vampire dude I just made his.

Little coat purple with v 25 and V 22 and when I was done all the coloring I just fussy cut those out and set them aside and then at this point that embossing paste is almost dry so you can see how it now is more of the glare and this is not a sparkly glitter it’s just a black glitter it’s it’s interesting I kind of like it.

So it’s kind of perfect for these bats so I’m being careful here because it’s not fully dry but I stamped the large Halloween stamp with clear embossing.

Ink and then I use the Wendy Vicki violet embossing powder that I used I think on our previous Halloween video already love this so I stamped that and I also stamped a little trick-or-treat sentiment with the clear embossing ink as well and use that same embossing powder just because it’s pretty I love this shade.

Of purple and then while I had it out I decided to stamp the sentiment on the inside with the clear embossing ink and I’m gonna emboss it with the purple as well and it just says.

Want to go batty with me so that totally made my day because I’m.

Like yup that’s that’s pretty much it is or no going batty want to come that’s what it says so after I’ve got everything stamped and heat embossed i adhered the panel which by this point the embossing paste is pretty much dry so I adhere that with some Simon Says.

Stamp Big Mama foam tape then I adhered my little characters with either Simon’s craft tacky glue or the little vampire I popped up with a little bit of 3d.

For a bit of dimension and I just love how it.

Looks like he’s kind of like raising his eyebrows these bats like how dare they fly out of the.

House you know so I adhered those and then I adhered the little bats on the inside where it says going bad you want to come and that finished off this card really fun and just adorable really so as always I.

Will have a link below the video to my blog post I’ll have a supply list with links to everything if you want to check it out below thank you all so much for watching and I will hopefully see you all very soon in another video bye.

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