Life On Hifi – Podcast About Life Purpose

What has your life on hi-fi understanding Who I am has my life on hi-fi mentorship has my life on – love has my life on high-five God has my life I’m a twenty-something who was very self-conscious and insecure but I’ve decided that I am never going back it really doesn’t matter if I create a masterpiece or not it.
Doesn’t matter who likes it as.

Long as I’m enjoying the process that’s all that matters follow me as we talk about relationships love purpose passion you name it focusing on what you have versus what you don’t have can fuge game-changer it’s honestly so scary to think that like if I hadn’t had got like he knows where I would be a public expression of freedom it’s just I.

Don’t know like it was so so so so so liberating for me do what you have to do yeah take some time off if you need to but when all is said and done you gotta keep moving forward let’s commit to living our best lives together.

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