Exploring The Fall Beauty Around Our Neighborhood

For October so that the girls could play with them because she put a lot of hard work into them.

And they’re super cute so I’m excited to let the girls play with them now because I.
Have literally been holding on to them so.

Tight to make sure that they did not get lost and the girls could have them at Halloween this is Evie okay which Anna track EULA and a Frankenstein and a pumpkin oh they’re so cute daddy got a vampire one too did you get this guy yep and the witch and the skeleton Thank You Martha that was so cute Thank.
You Martha for the time and effort you put in on these they’re so cute Oh.

What is it mama they think they know what is it mom oh let’s look at it really quick let’s go but how many.

Me open it for you mama who is there a note in there whoo this is fun no no they are totally into these look at everything starlets over here doing her letter scarlet actually figuring out how to put the letter inside the envelope muscari yeah can you tell them thank you for this gift you really like it yeah we’re gonna play it all night Oh.

Right up to your face put it right up to your feeties.

Huh what’s Oh look at that shirt it’s an elephant that is so cute as can you say thank you indi which what did you get oh let’s see I can’t oh my gosh that is goood you got an elephant shirt too and this is a platypus I think oh wow coming to see ya it is full oh look how cute this is like a little sports shirt turn around let’s see your numbers in the back turn around ah the All Blacks I’m not familiar.

Is that like rugby is that soccer we’re gonna have to look it up that’s so cool maman we have a note in there you’re still digging and we’re gonna come see you soon love you say Thank.

You Rebecca say I love my new shirt I’m guessing it’s a rugby shirt is that a rugby shirt say thank you daddy’s never gonna let me play rugby All Right girls.

This we got one more present and this is from.

Our friends Laurel can you guys say Thank You Laurel Thank You Laurel say we love you okay but here’s my C gothic a there’s one for indie Oh Peppa’s.

Halloween Evie thank you come on D Oh mommy likes on daddy gonna change okay let’s change everybody can change these are from our friend Laurel thank you so much Laura Casey right here on the stairs you guys can even sit right there and everybody a little visitor here today who is it as he is it baby Mac are you sharing your gonna little New Zealand toy with him does.

That’s so nice of you to share everybody we just want to thank you so much for all the fan mail we truly love and appreciate it the girls have so much fun opening it up and actually and I love reading all of your notes and letters it is seriously so kind and again you guys don’t have to send this anything literally the girls are so loved.

And so spoiled we understand why you do.

We truly do and that’s why we open it here on the vlog so that you guys can see them opening a little something that you’ve given them and and we get it you guys you feel like you’re a part of our.

Family and we want you to feel that way because you are a part of our family so thank you guys so much for your love and support of our little family we cannot thank you guys enough for just loving us that’s all we need from you we are just so grateful for that make sure.

You guys hit like and subscribe to our channel here and we just want to be able to put more content out for you guys and just show you a glimpse into our crazy lives every day with these crazy beautiful girls and we just love you guys so much so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love and support and we love you back thank you for watching today’s vlog and we hope.

To see you guys all tomorrow bye.

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