Exploring The Fall Beauty Around Our Neighborhood

All right that’s where they go we got one white and one black let me see okay step back let’s look at them let’s look oh I think they look cute what do you think girls I think you girls just want to use that pinch to sit everywhere and you girls are pumpkins too you kind of look like pumpkins.

Yeah hey guys we are heading outside it’s about my green bike it’s about 55 today it’s not a warm warm day but it’s not a cold day and the girls want to go for a bike ride so we’re getting out the bikes nanny ash and I are gonna.

Take the girls around the block a few times nanny ash got the blankets this is exactly what we need we cut our mean keys so they’re all.

Tumbled up they got on there their hats but you’re a little small from last year we’ve got to reach back out to this company which is our favorite new hats so it’s actually not too bad out here right now I.

Don’t mind it at all I’ve got my sweatshirt on I think it feels great ash you like.

It you’re not cold if actually we’re here she’d be freezing and we would have already turned around and been back home so we’re gonna go enjoy the bike trail down the.

Road the girls are talking to each other how many trees do you see girls what are we doing today Manny ash is here we’re having a party girls are you so excited we have a first package today from Carol Coleman in spring Thank You Carol so much going on in.
Here that was so nice thank.

You so much that was so sweet we really appreciate you thank you oh my gosh these.

Girls are from all the way in Melissa and Marilyn Faragher.

Thank you so much you guys look at these eyeballs oh you got pepper chow oh wow hey Izzie can you say thank you my.

God they’re so happy here’s from rainy in a Logan West Virginia I’ll say West Virginia you guys can get out what’s in there get it open get it open oh my god on those George’s dinosaur Thank You rainy family that was so kind you guys obviously watch the vlogs.

Because this is like their favorite thing right now thank you so much oh can I have the car mommy loves the car mommy.

Hey misty Olsen in Mountain Home I know can you say thank you Roy and misty tell them.

I hear the Wrangler in the camera say Thank You Roy and Misty okay here we go gotta share these two can you go right here and spin in a circle so I can see your dress by out all right mom this one’s from dream big productions in Arizona here we go look at this okay so put it on.

You touch it to one of these things to a Liberty tell you what it is but the black part on the alligator hold on the end you do it but the black part on the alligator.

Like this what let’s go over here now it’s now Scarlett’s turn let’s go over here let’s do the volcano.

I don’t think it’s that specific touch the snake right here okay well guys we didn’t find a note in this box this came from dream big productions so.

Thank you to whoever you are we appreciate this is kind of cool.

All right you guys so Martha mine sent something to the girls back in May and I opened it and she sent a cute little note and she got him.

Out a little bit late but they’re super cute and their Halloween things so I have saved them in my office.

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