My Announcements For My Upload Schedule

This video today we’re gonna see this video what the heck are you watching right now but I got any clothes yes I did and I can make more videos for you he’s gonna nounce meant just going on my other channel not called – make sure you go check that out we’ve got to do so far looks fine but.

This is just gonna be showing my up old casual a little schedules gonna be Monday Wednesday and Friday yeah that’s it but what am I gonna be doing on those videos I need you guys figure out what I’m gonna do should I do a grave 1/4 video should I do.

Just a regular Hanako Sikh video no wait I don’t have that much people okay just let me talk of IDEO or just show you around my house I just do stuff upgrade stuff places but you guys have to practice you do and this announcement and I might oh one more thing I might change my intro.

Get a pen put sorry so I’m stuck but I might make just a new entrance and a new ending.

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