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Hey guys welcome back to my blog so I am really excited because I actually just got this Oh diced and air-launched and I saw it on do Nutkins Instagram and I was like oh my god that’s so cool so I ordered obviously the complete set which means that it comes with like every single kind of tool and I’ll.

Show you what it looks like when you open it this is what the complete set comes with so obviously the machine this is like the blow dryer if your hair is wet to make it more damp to different sized barrels for curls like this has curls more waves and then.
A firm brush and a soft brush and then a volume brush so basically.

You can order smaller sets like if you only want volume it’ll just come with volume brush and like a curler and if you want more like straight.

Then it’ll come with like a brush the.

Straight brushes and all that good stuff so basically I’m going to attempt to use this and I’ve never used it don’t know how to use it and I’m just gonna I’m just gonna try it.

Out for you guys while I’m here so I start by brushing my hair I don’t have a spray bottle to dampen my hair so I’m.

Just gonna like run my brush into the water get in so this is I guess if your hair is damp and you will need to bring it.

To dry which I think you just put it in and just clicks in I guess and that’s how you take it off and then this is.

And then you hold it all the way up for cool air and this is like hot and cold and strength so okay last time my hair’s already dry I don’t mean that I just want to just attempt okay I’m gonna start with the.

Volume brush and just try to do something I the back of my hair and it’s really cool because it blows air and it’s not like he looks like you’re straightening your hair so I honestly have no idea I’m Dre that’s right that’s the volume brush and let’s try the curling one I’m gonna do bigger curls so each one has little arrows so I.

Guess this is if you want your hair to wrap that way so I’m going to attach that I’m gonna wet my hair oh wow huh whoa that is so.
Awesome still getting the hang of.

Wrapping my hair ah it’s pretty good Wow.

Cute all right and then on this side of my head I was gonna test.

The smoothie brush just supposed to like help straighten your hair okay that actually got it pretty smooth straight cool now I’m gonna just go out like this hi no I’m gonna I’m gonna try to curl the other side of my hair so that it looks somewhat even okay so I want to get this barrel the one.

That goes arrows out pop that on wet my hair let’s try this curl that’s so fun okay moving on wow this is crazy it’s very entertaining too this is so cool okay so I need to figure out the.

Volumizing brush but the curling is awesome now you does get really freaking hot there’s a little thing to turn the heat down a little.

Bit which I’m gonna attempt now I just need to do these under bits but I got.

Our wet my hair oh it’s I have to change the things for that you just continue on here whoa all right so once I finish this little side here I’m gonna just brush it through with my.

Finger so it’s not so aggressively curly switch back wet my hair go crazy I think the thing is that you don’t want your hair to wet because I’m noticing that it’s not wrapping on the really heavy wet pieces so I guess just like slightly damp for when you’re.

Curling your hair well I think that completes my hair do rush through and.

Wow actually really really nice super natural easy wave now the catch is that it’s a little expensive but if you think about the fact that you’re getting a blow-dryer straightener and two different kinds of curlers and volumizer then it kind of makes sense because.

I think the full thing is five fifty and the littler ones are just five hundred but if you have hair like me where you straighten it curl is from with it well you might is it then I recommend just spending the 50 bucks and getting everything otherwise just buy what you need but like want to see so easy high.

The recommended all right thanks guys for tuning in on my first ever like product trial let me know what you think and if you have any questions in the section below if there’s any other products or things you would like me to try.

I am happy to do think fine.

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