Week 12 Raider Announcements

Good morning by myself and welcome to the weekly radio announcements with yours truly mobile applause Nick and Alex Taggart and let’s get right into the news first off we have the weekly PBIS raffle the winners of the weekly PBIS raffle are Charles Menard and Madeline subha Hart winning gift cards please see mrs.

Duffy and guidance for your gift.

Card congratulations November 5th reality Illinois perfect opportunity for students interested in learning.

About politics or who want to perfect their public speaking skills past projects have included presenting to village boards on issues like increasing age to buy tobacco to 21 and passing a lot.
To prevent smoking in parks 6:00 to 8:00 p.
at Glenbard district 87 district office November 5th joint meeting of Council of presidents captain’s council and principal advisory board please meet in room 308 during PLC time you.

Like moist delicious cake with cream cheese frosting stop in nothing but cakes at Donata square this week through November 10th and mentioned gb/s yearbook when you place your order and you will be supporting our yearbook November 6 sophomore.

Spotlight the counselors will be meeting with all sophomores over the next few weeks to explore careers students will be working in Naviance to complete a personality assessment that will link them to a related career students are encouraged to explore the different characteristics tasks and required education or training for careers that interests them they will also have an opportunity to discuss their findings with peers and their school counselor meet during lunch time in the theatres November 14th gratitude days November 14th and it is a great service opportunity for.

Our students please mark your calendar and consider supporting.

This annual event after school as always there will be lots of free food let’s.

Try to fill the Commons with students and staff for this year’s event thank you in advance for your support congratulations to Kylie DiNardo for qualifying for the state cross country meet way to go come off in the like Spanish club meeting on Tuesday November 27th after.

School in room 104 we’ll have a belated Day of the Dead celebration see you there the ad posh scholarship is application is now open this is a $4,000 per year scholarship opportunity for Glenallen residents village link golfers village link employees.

And family members of the before-mentioned groups any questions please contact mr. oedema in the guidance office as the months of November and December approach the PBIS committee has been busy planning activities to address the social emotional competency of self management’s.

Using the theme I control me some activity activities have been developed to help student slash staff learn to take time for themselves to calm their minds work on self-control and stress management.

For the month of November we will have mindful Monday’s Movember these activities will take place the first half of all lunch periods on November 5th 12 and 19 November 5th we will be offering a quiet chill space.

Free of electronics for students to enjoy November 12th.

Will provide yoga and November 19th we provide meditation please consider taking part in some of these activities now please click on the video below this video.

And there’s been your weekly rater announcements with yours truly Alex I will avoid plastic and we hope you have a great week one bar itself.

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