Drama – Foreigner Rejected To Travel In China/seda – Lotr#63

Welcome to sada I mean it’s not very welcome to say that it’s not super welcome is like not welcome to set up for an account whale in here it is a politic you know polity guess I know politic better than you but nowhere says what is the rule another highlight of the Cedar Village City and it’s not only.

The college that you’ve seen the Buddhist college where where all the monks pray and live okay maybe the highlight and the most important thing the people coming here is to see this little drama that are going to show.

Situation is getting excited guys they trying to stop me to visit a place in China for what was the difference because I have a different in China then.

Chinese people yes China I’m working in China I have business in China I pay – Chinese government I am a Chinese.

Citizen you hate me this is discrimination discrimination xishi xishi xishi new semen semen tisha why quran’ bouquet e lu USA jungle Tarquins oxygen.

Goat abu khalil ooh yo boo Holly see chef aho your Anjali Ponyo it’s not their business what are you.
Doing you come to our country I work in your country discrimination.

Because of my color or what food you should do my world gonzo jungle walk a change in one jungle day was.

So you’re me who why God why everyone to want to kick you out this is one and this is the second.

Like there is some issues but I don’t understand exactly what issues and why where I just passed like a normal tourist.

I am a normal tourist I am in China I am legal in China and they want to say oh here.

Is not legal to be where it says that and why is that where is written where where Japanese Korean they can go inside once people from Western country they cannot go inside why we don’t understand why exactly this is not allow.

I miss each one yeah I’m legal I have business in China I am Chinese citizen okay mister yamato-kun how quickly – watch it so no one can tell me why you cannot come here show me yes you cannot come here we put this it everywhere written it’s in our law it’s everyone can know no one because there is.

None it’s not just just an invention Chindi so.

Young everyone is the same what if any put Iowa put tinder why wouldn’t – yeah but I’ve seen Japanese people.

Korean people go inside I show I show you a movie the Korean and yeah another country’s a foreigner come here.

Yes yeah wave movie I should very well show you a movie in yoku yeah yeah yes no not here in your cool was it is you I know you see Chinese in China if you wonder I tell you yes random yes the rule is not I’ll give you the rule is our Chinese government but.

What is reason please Chinese government should give me a say you stupid why you cannot come here to be or not to be in China that’s the point in the end because it’s many things they don’t make sense really it comes to me just with some words and telling me I cannot.

Go some places where I’m supposed to be legal and I’ve been advices when I come in China that I can stay and I can travel there is no problem but nowhere says where is the rule no it’s just that the culture we experience and we see that we came here in three days oh I’m so tired and angry to say that guys don’t come don’t come here don’t come here oh my god police the police the police the police unfriendly.

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