How To Install Windows 7 To A Usb Flash Drive

In today’s video we’re going to be installing windows 7 to a USB flash drive so let’s get started we’re not gonna be using any kind of VM or screen capture we’re gonna be using real Hardware in 40 days video we’ll be using the old optiplex 390 as well as Windows 10 now for this we’re gonna use a 16.
0 flash drive it’s just what we have on hand but using a 2.
0 will give us the best compatibility also we’re going to be using a Windows 7 ISO that we’ve already downloaded and lastly we’re gonna be.

Needing a special program from the internet called win 2 USB so let’s download it so in the search we’re just going to type win 2 USB so for us it’s the very first one so.

We’re going to go ahead and click on it and there’s all kinds of information on this page about the software and other softwares.

But for us we’re just going to go ahead and download the free version which is 4.1 with the download complete we’re gonna go ahead and click on our downloads and we’re going to go ahead and open up the file this isn’t executable so you’re gonna have to install it as it’s not portable so we’re just going to accept all the defaults with it all installed we’ll go ahead and close out of all this.

So we’ll go ahead and open up the program and it may open up your web browser but just go ahead.

And exit out of it just checking for updates go ahead and click OK and right up here at the top we’re gonna select.

Our image file right here our Windows 7 will click open and we’re gonna select the ultimate 32-bit select next we’re gonna go ahead and put in our flash drive refresh the list and there’s our say in desk right there this is just telling us that it’s gonna delete everything on it so we’ll just click yes this may take a moment so we’ll just go in.

Fast-forward now that the format’s complete it.

Just gives you a quick overview of what its gonna do to the usb so we’ll click Next this.

Could take some time so we’ll just go.

Ahead and fast forward let’s just turn this so we can see our flash drive a little bit better there we go all right with that complete our USB is all set.
So all we have to do now is shut down this computer and reboot to our.

Flash drive so let’s go ahead and do that so for us our boot menu key is f12 so we’ll go ahead and start hitting that right now and we’re gonna come right down here and we’re gonna select our USB Drive and there we go we got.

Windows 7 booting right up this may take a little while as it is like the first Windows boot so we may just fast-forward there here.

We want to make sure that we reboot from our USB so it doesn’t mess things up so we’ll hit our buki f12 we’ll come back down and boot from our USB again if you don’t do that you’ll boot into your normal hard drive and you’ll miss it right just like a fresh install we’re gonna have to put in some information here and there we go running Windows.

7 off our USB we don’t have any drivers installed so we can’t go online or anything but we’re gonna take a quick look at our disk management to take a look at our hard drives it shows our wente USB flash drive right here active and.
Primary and a system partition so let’s.

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