October Beauty Favorites | 2018 + Giveaway Winner !!!

Hey guys a girl act to me and I am back with another video this video is going to be my October 2018 favorites this is the first time that I do a video talking about my favorites so I’m thinking about doing like you know and every month favorites video and I will be doing normally towards the end of.

The month after I’ve used the products that are my favorites during the whole month because you know it makes sense like that oh also before I continue this is also going to be aside from being the October 2018.

Or October 2018 favorite this is also going to be the giveaway announcement for the Anastacio yes.

Yes sorry you guys I’ve been awful filming for a little bit due to health issues and I am.

Rusty okay anyway this is also going to be the giveaway announcement for the morphe and Jackson Hale vault collection so at the end of this video I’m going to be announcing who was the winner of the giveaway I know I know then forever I’m only human y’all and I was sick so just let me live.

Anyway if you guys would like to see my favorites for the month of August then okay bitch you know what I got problems a month of October y’all if you guys want to stay tuned and watch the video for my.

Favorites for the month of October then.

Stay tuned alright you guys sorry about that I took a two-second break to just you know come back okay so I’m going to start.

Off this video by talking to you guys about my favorite beauty.

Products as in makeup and normally I’m thinking about doing my top 5 makeup or beauty skincare and then hair product because those are the main things that I kind of you know deal with on a regular basis so I’m going to show you guys the top five things actually one.

Two three four seven in this video I’m doing seven beauty favorites for the month of October and I’m gonna start off with my favorite foundation right now which is the Clinique beyond perfecting now this thing is in sane and when I tell.

You guys this thing is insane isn’t saying I the only thing that I don’t like that I actually liked when I went to the Sephora store did I buy you know support no I’m sorry I bought it at Ulta I want to all touch a purchase a new foundation I just wanted to try something new and I saw this and I thought well you know.

It’s a fun applicator I’ve never seen an applicator like this for.

A foundation before I’ve seen it for concealers of course and even lipsticks and stuff but I’ve never seen an applicator like this for a foundation so I thought hmm maybe this is going to be fun to use and when I tried it on at the uLTA Beauty store I actually liked it it seemed easy and I bought it now that’s the only thing that I don’t like about this foundation is the applicator cuz now when I’m in a hurry not.

Want to just you know smack my foundation on I have to you know patiently just pencil it in or it’s just that’s the only inconvenience but this foundation is the okay excuse my language I really like it because I.

It’s not completely full coverage but it’s definitely buildable and I feel like it’s really really good for oily girls and I’m telling you guys if you’re talking about oily skin I am the mama of the oily girls like yeah yeah but anyway this foundation I think is really really good for oily skin I don’t remember the prize at the piping is forty seven dollars but I will leave the price I will leave the price linked down below if you.

Guys are interested in purchasing it like I.

Said this is from Clinique this is what the foundation.

Looks like and this is the applicator I think this is called a doe foot applicator anyway I really really like it it.

Doesn’t smell too much a foundation it it has you know what it’s most like.

Clay it smells like clay but you don’t really notice the scent when you’re applying it that’s how.

I feel I know when you like to apply this with a brush first I just like to dab it on my face with a brush yeah what why did I do that okay anyway I like to dab it on my face with a brush first and then I go in with a damp Beauty Blender to just blend it in seamlessly so this is.

One of my top favorite on to the.

Item new one of those for my favorites of the month of October is going to be and y’all have seen me and heard me talk about this buff by Emma because hmm okay so it is going to be this duo right here so this is the Tarte shaped ape concealer.

I have it in a darker shade so I use it for contouring and then I have the regular lightest shade for under my eyes and highlighting now you can tell the you know little holes.

Inside this one is almost outlining to literally go and restock right after this video because I can’t live without this thing and then like I said this one is the darkest it’s like maybe two.

Shades darker than my skin complexion and I use this one to contour I use it on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose and my temples and under my chin sometimes when I want to hide you know my turkey Ness anyway moving on these I think they’re $23 I don’t remember 2325 like I said I believe the prices of the items down below so this is for sure one of my favorite items I.

Don’t just use this on the month of October I use this all the time all day every day these things are life savers like honestly if you don’t want to do too much to your face you highlight and contour with these things and it’s like you look snatch baby look she’s.

Moving on to item number three of my favorites in beauty for the month of October it’s going to be this bad boy right here now you guys have heard me rave about this mascara before this is the superhero mascara from a cosmetics it’s not.

Waterproof which is the only thing that I do not like about this damn mascara is not water but I’m telling you if you have three strands of hair on your lashes this thing will magically appear lashes I don’t know from.

Where like I don’t even know how it does it but it is a may zing I love it like I have very thin and very short lashes and this thing gives me life okay okay so this is what the applicator.

Looks like again this is the bottle I don’t remember how much this retails for I’m telling you I’m very lost with the prices this one actually I got in this month boxycharm box which I was very excited about if I’m not mistaken I think is $23 but like I said before I’ll leave the names and the prices to each item.

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