Announcements 10/25/18

Good morning I like Jess I’m Jin and I’m Eric this is all TV news with your daily announcements get your quarters ready for this Friday it’ll be the first popcorn Friday this year calling out lifters powerlifting will be having a meeting on Monday October 29th right after school so if you plan on being on the team attend that. McCune sent out an email with information on an upcoming opportunity to visit.

Mid plains Community College in.

Her for more information and now over to Josh with.

The weather hey guys this is josh with the weather.

And today’s high will be 60 degrees with the level 45 there will be a 17 mile-per-hour wind gust with 30 percent chance of precipitation back to you guys thanks Josh and now over to Marvin with the birthday shoutouts today’s birthdays are jalinda sob know and woody and happy.

Birthday thanks Marvin now over to Jay with the lunch Update vote for today’s beef taco at the Maine lunch line.

I’ll turn it into include grilled chicken sandwiches and teriyaki chicken Spanish rice and refried beans will also be available and don’t forget about the salad bar thanks Jay and now over to a jack.

And junior with the joke of the day hey guys this is joke of the day and today we’re not smiling what is the house weirdo party what.

Does he wear a dress like a dress a dress yeah since we missed yesterday’s segment we’re gonna be doing words of wisdom with Wasley today I’m here with the wonderful laws thanks Derek okay so we’re gonna do words of wisdom that was kind of what we’re supposed to do but here’s what I’m.

Of the wisdom that I gave my children what I’m saying my words of advice to you is to be careful on what you say and what you posted about other people or your views on a lot of things or the pictures that you post so I’m just saying if you’re gonna post things and you’re gonna say things and do appropriate or not appropriate things just remember there are people like me that we can get in those accounts and I don’t even know how to get in there I just let other people.

Show me so that’s my words be careful of what you say.

What you post and pictures that you because that’s a reflection on you of who you are and you’re really not that.

Way right mm-hmm can you laugh yeah okay have a great Thursday thanks miss wasnae this has been all TV news see you tomorrow because I’m really not a social person I know I come off like I am but I’m really not really really really introverted.

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