3 Simple Exercises For Stronger Knees (plus Road-to-trail Shoes & Winter Running Gear)

Now write your message in a Facebook group or email or text or whatsapp then simply click paste to include the link to my film at the end one fantastic thing you could do is when you’re browsing through running groups on Facebook or anywhere online if you see.

A question from somebody that I’ve answered in a previous film you could recommend it to them and write them a quick message and paste the link to my film below so thanks very much if you do this it is amazing of you to.

Help spread the word about well ginger running it’s question time so last week I showed you the underdog trailer about Damien Hall’s fifth place in.

The UTMB which incidentally will be showing at Kendall Mountain Festival mid-november see you there I asked you what is your favorite running film.

Of all time there were tons of answers for this one and I couldn’t just pick one here as I really wanted everyone to know all these great film suggestions.

So here they all are there’s some brilliant ideas here see how many you’ve watched and which ones you need to put on your list now I need to put quite a few on mine actually so my question for you this week is while I train for my 10-mile run in silence for.

Calm I’m interested to know do you ever run for charity if so which one and why type your answers into the YouTube comments below and I’ll read out the best one in next week’s Q&A keep the trail and outro questions coming if you’ve run dry ask a friend what.

They want to know type any questions below and I’ll answer as many as I can in my next fortnightly Q&A film subscribe if you haven’t already and click the notification spell so.

You don’t miss out on any new videos thanks for watching enjoy your next run and I’ll see you on the trails you.

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