3 Simple Exercises For Stronger Knees (plus Road-to-trail Shoes & Winter Running Gear)

And light colored clothing it doesn’t have to be baggy in fact having done some gear testing in a heat chamber in the past snug fitting clothing can actually become clear in hot weather and wick sweat very well when you’re running or add.

An electrolyte tablet to your water to replace lost salts and reduce the chance of headaches tiredness and cramping 5 just run more slowly it can.

Be so tempting to leg it especially at the start but you risk overheating so slow your pace until your heart rate drops back down to your normal 85 k rate and just enjoy the race I hope that helps.

Jeff let us know how it goes quickfire questions John Cooper wants to know which show I was at in this film here and if there are any other outdoor gear shows coming up well I was at OTS the outdoor trade show in Manchester it’s for journalists and outdoor sports shop owners and it takes place each year in July so coming up for regular runners are things like Kendall Mountain Festival on 17th to the 18th of.

November see you there by the way where there are some great gear bargains to be had in the base camp then there’s the national running show in January I’ll.

Be speaking there along with a whole host of big names so.

Keep watching for more details I’m gonna interview some of them this winter and there are tons of stores with interesting.

Gear to try and buy their to after that they’re Sheffield have been to film festival 20 sack until the 24th of March with films talk stalls and gear bargain Charles Holmes wants to know which path I’d recommend for marathon runners.

So a small one yes as you suggest Charles the raid light response of three liters would work well all consider the Salomon F lav cents ultra 2 set or the run he’ll nano 3 litres is also a good lightweight budget option around 40 power mark so also consider the naked running band which has just over 2 liters of capacity and it has.

The ability to hold a 500 milliliter water bottle 3 pockets for stashing food Sonny’s a torch banana small improve gloves and links to these products are in the description below deadly power wants to get a robust running pack around 5 liters in size 4 owned 8 pounds.

So both the packs you suggest Dudley the Salomon sense ultra 2 and the ultimate direction race therefore would work really well also consider any G’s smaller 5 liter pack that could also work for you and again here I’d also consider the run Hill nano 3.

Litres which is really spacious but doesn’t come with flasks but I’ve seen it online for about 45 pounds so you could afford to get a couple of flasks within your budget like decathlon’s own brand Cal.

Be a good out here or treat yourself to some less plastic e tasting hydro pack designs.

From Montaigne or Salomon as usual the links are in the description below this week’s random thing that I saw which was cool is the fact that trail running king and queen Kilian Jornet and emily.

Fosberg are expecting a baby this is incredible news and I’m sure we will all wish them the best of luck with this new and exciting journey British athlete Holly Paige won the golden trail series setting a new ladies course record at the final race in the otter trail in South Africa she also won.

The skyrunner world series in the sky classic category so congratulations to Holly who can you believe it hitchhikes to six of those races Holly gives her downhill running tips in this film here so give it a watch to steal some of her secrets and more great news double Bob Graham round and double Ramsey round record-holder.

Nicki Spinks has been awarded a British Empire medal after being included in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 2018 the 51 year old breast cancer survivor and innovate ambassador was rewarded for her outstanding services to sport and charity including raising more than seventeen thousand pounds but cancer charity Odyssey well done Nicki.

Next up is a bit of sad news from me that I thought I’d film on the run to take my mind off how sad it really is I’m gonna be doing the hardest 10-mile race that I’ve ever done in my life before now I’ve run a.

Long way in my running career 10 miles is.

Not something that’s gonna be difficult distance wise but it’s the reason that I’m running which is.

Making this run really difficult and basically in August my cousin who’s one year younger than me her husband passed away whilst running he just had a sudden cardiac arrest and he never regained consciousness he was 37.

Years old and he leaves behind two beautiful little.

Children six and two years old so my cousin was astir to join her in running the next race that she and her husband were going to do and that’s the Derby ten mile and that’s on the 25th of November so it’s.

Going to be hard for that reason but then I just thought because I’ve done so much long-distance running no one’s going to sponsor me to run ten miles I regularly run to her 10 miles every weekend so although it’s really upsetting I.

Needed to make it even more challenging so I’ve decided to run the Derby ten miles in total silence I’ve got to be silent but the whole day just to show my respect for my cousin and her husband and their kids so I’ve got a Just Giving page so if you feel moved by the story I know things like this happen to countless other people but you never think it’s going to happen to you and it suggests give him a hit page and it’s an.

Aid of calm which is a charity that Matt worth supporting it’s called the campaign against living miserably and he was involved with that because of a friend so just giving page is going to pop up below it will also be in the youtube description below so click show more or the drop down arrow for.

Details and if you can then it would be really generous if you gave towards this course in aid my lovely cousin now.

Onto something a little lighter Dave Evans had a question about how to post my videos in his Facebook group to share with his running Club friends so this is really great of you Dave so if you’d like to join him in helping to support well ginger running here is the easiest way to share my films on any social media in emails in text.

And in whatsapp Stu your friends first find the film you want to share then click Share underneath the film then click copy at the bottom next to the link.

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