3 Simple Exercises For Stronger Knees (plus Road-to-trail Shoes & Winter Running Gear)

How do you get stronger knees for running off-road what are the best shoes for road and trail running what’s the perfect jacket choice for this winter and what are my top thermal leggings find out in my Q&A series answering all your trail and ultra running questions hi I’m Claire from wild ginger running the trail and ultrarunning advice and.

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So let’s answer that first question Caroline Stevens wants to know how to avoid knee soreness after upping her distance so I asked one of the UK’s leading physios Paul.

Therapy author of running free of injuries for his top three knee.

Strengthening exercises he says to do single legged squat a.

Sidestep into a squat and a single leg balance into a lunge thanks Paul hey bruh for those exercises I hope that helps your knee twinges Caroline and there’s a link to Paul’s great book covering the most common leg and foot injuries in the film description below definitely a worthwhile investment question 2 James frost wants to buy some running shoes that are suitable for both road and light firm trails at around the 6 millimeter drop mark so here are some of the shoes I’ve.

Tried beautifully displayed by my lovely assistant mr. wheelie bin here and I’m consider using these for both road and trail most than the 8 millimeter drop and I’m actually struggling to find more examples of 6 millimeter drop.

Road to trail shoes so it seems to be either 8 millimeter 4 millimeter or 0 so here are the ones I’ve tried first of all the Salomon cents ride they’re 115 pounds 8 millimeter drop with a nice level of cushioning and support and a relatively grippy come to grip sole designed for hard and dry terrain then there’s the Naik wild horse which are 105 pounds so these are well cushioned but it’s still.

Good and grippy for mud patches they’ve got 8 millimeter drop and they’re definitely better there’s not too much uneven ground because while contouring these my feet tended to slip off the very cushioned wedged sole you could consider the innovate Park claw 275 which costs 125 pounds so again this is 8 millimeter drop but this shoe does seem like the ideal shoe for roads and light trails performing well on both with.

Good cushioning and grip – it’s designed for park runners looking to.

Start trail running so so really this shoe is ideal then I did a lot of my training for the Kate bath ultra in the innovate trail Talon – 90s these have an 8 millimeter drop but you might want to consider the trails tail on – 3 fives.

Millimeter drop so have the same soul which works really well both on the road and even very testing mountain terrain so it’s a great all-round issue and I’d really recommend this one personally so lots to choose from there James and if anyone else knows of a six millimeter drop road to trail shoe then it would be great to hear from you in the comments below question three lars Laird Everson wants to know if superlight waterproofs actually replace wimp.

Roofs or are they still too clammy so this is a very interesting question lab regular viewers will know that I’m a massive fan of wind proof jackets as they provide such warmth for a tiny pack size and weight so I tend to use them as a sort of mid layer instead of maybe a fleece or softshell or a thicker long-sleeve layer but yes if you want to go super super light you will only want to take one jacket and it’s gonna have.

To be a lightweight waterproof jacket which will double up as your wind proof as well and you’ll just have to put up with however.

Clammy it makes you feel however if you’re just running from home and it’s a nice day without cloud in the sky you just need something to take the wind chill off then a wind proof is going to be your best option still as they are really still more breathable and so much more comfy than a lightweight waterproof question for Cali for great name by the way wants to know about warmer winter leggings so yes a pair of.

Thermal full-length leggings is a great addition to your winter running wardrobe I’ve used this pair from Perla D me for absolutely years they’ve got this lovely fleece lining and they’re relatively windproof too there’s a new version of these.

Called the pearl as you me run a woman’s fly tights or thermal reflective running tights and they have a reflective strip at the knee and some of them come with massive pink or yellow luminous fabric at.

The lower leg so this may or may not be a bonus for you I’ve also had these thermal lined wind.

Proof tights from Helen Hansen for about five years and I can’t find them anywhere on the Internet is as if they never existed so do let me know if you find out what these are Ron he’ll also do.

Really warm women’s tights called the stride running tight with extra warmth and it’s great because it’s got a brushed inner and it’s a your weight than your usual full-length running leggings so give those a go to the other thing you can do is just pop some waterproof.

Trousers on like these on cam Lakers over the top of your normal full length or 3/4 length running leggings so these will keep you warmer even if it’s not raining and.

Dry if it is so I’ve popped the links to this gear in the YouTube film description below so just click show more.

Or the drop-down arrow for details question 5 Jack W has an 85 K race soon in a really hot place 40 degrees C there’s no ice available and they’re only for aid stations so blimey Jeff and that is a tough one but having raced the Costa Rica coastal challenge in temperatures up to 35 degrees with suffocating 85% humidity I definitely have some tips for you so.

One wet your cap with water at drinking stations or from your own water bottle if you can spare it so the damp fabric next to your skin will help cool you down to do you.

Come across any streams so if yes do a full on crocodile roll in each one as you pass so this was invaluable on the coastal challenge but it did means all my snacks got a bit soggy so watch out for any unwrapped energy bars so aware.

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