(highly Requested)the Best Aliexpress Vender, Vanity Planet , And Skin Care – Super Price In 2018!

On it and then just you know just wash it down you know and basically your skin is just super super smooth so definitely this is a must have in your bathroom while asking me things like Oh grace your skin be shiny and like why.

Your skin gonna be like smooth and stuff like why you gotta do that and stuff and my answer is this right here yes yes yes this is raw coconut oil literally this is my life like this is my life in a jar basically I.

Can use it on my hair I can use it on I don’t use it on my weave I use it on my hair hair roots and it’s just so nice and it’s so natural like I’m so for natural products if you for something that’s really if you know someone with dry body skin mm-hm doesn’t mean then you need to get yourself some raw coconut.

Oil and make your body a bit shiny and slightly telling you about my hair cuz usually I always keep that star to myself you.

Know if it’s in that happy more love you know relaxed of aids you know you don’t have to copy me all the time but a lot of you have literally been bombarded me this is probably the most the most question I get asked on social media is about my hair and I really appreciate you like I do trying to keep everything in check and stuff basically this is so difficult it’s own way basically if I’m doing my side.

Part I have a manufacturer for that and if I’m doing this straight yeah I just picked from the box I had so the manufacturer that I was using for.

My wavy curls and stuff was a company called peerless hair and peerless hair literally is probably the best Aliexpress L Express vendor that I have.

Ever come across and I’m very particular about my hair I’m very neat about my hair my hair is like the most important thing probably that I have to make.

Sure that it’s in fact you know often the quality is just wow and you can.

I tend to do as well lastly is I tend.

To use a body wave basically has a lot more thickness to me so even though that you know cuz they’re basically on my head right now is this is the.

Body wave you imagine and it straightened so well and it takes so well to die as well realizes that using a body wave.

Which when you’re doing a straight hair style and it makes it it makes it straight and thick rather than just straight and you know and it’s a bit thin on the ends and stuff like I’m not I’m not a fan.

Of that I’m going to show you the hair now that I’ve.

Had left over because I always always get you ready are you sets here’s the hair so this is the hair from peerless hand I just think it’s just so sick and it’s incredible like how amazing that you know I just.

Can’t describe what I mean by it’s just pea that I found a vendor that literally does exactly what I’m looking.

For it has such a beautiful shine to it like so whenever my hair is shiny and it has that Sheen and everyone’s like oh my god it has this Sheen to it I don’t know if you can see on the screen there but it literally is just sowing it’s just amazing so it flows really well and the bundles.

Are true to length I think this one is a 22 I tend to always get long lengths because you never know.

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