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Hey hi guys a welcome welcome back to my channel is great bachelor way I’m having such a kind of like a fun day she taught me to get my learner back she wants me to take him out and I don’t know hopefully he’s gonna relax it has been usually he’s my wait that’s Claire like idiot a couple of.

Like builders that are in the other room all my shelves and stuff like I’ve been in this house for.

Such a long time but I’ve always thought that I was going to move for you know what let me just become more comfortable in the house I.

Might be still moved by now graduations done so I need to get back onto the YouTube flex and that’s why I haven’t really shown like my house and stuff because I thought like I might still I’m going through a transition of moving so sorry about the scattered mess behind if you see anything I do apologize but this video about I just thought you know everyone more understand so where are usually like do.

Videos in the other room they’re obviously doing stuff there so I’m gonna have to stay here today so when they bring my beds that happened oh my gosh I’ve been wanting.

This one bed for such a long time and it’s finally going to come out the gas nests the the way I’m gonna Gus with your bed you’re gonna be shocked but this video.

Basically is about some of my favorite things favorite favorite items that I’ve had you know during the course of like last year and stuff and obviously because my channel is not really about oh my gosh my favorite – the today I think I’m gonna I actually feel like I’m gonna be a bit of a youtuber like a proper youtuber and just give you like 7 like summer not summer things but like some of my.

Faves they playin iPhone I’m also including my hair as well and this obviously is gonna just give you a little bit of an idea of like why you really really want this video to be so short because I need to go out and start so I’m gonna try and get through everything super super.

Thank you all for your support I love you I love you I love.

You lots yes let’s just get straight into the day the.

First item that I’m going to show you if you’re looking for something that’s gonna take off all your makeup and it’s gonna just make.

You one Millie I overuse this and my skin is sensitive but I still overuse I don’t care because it literally.

Works a well I come home I take off all my makeup with the wipe and then as soon as I’ve finished doing all of that I go to the go into the shower or something and then I just literally take it all on a little box.

Like this and it has all that it has about it has three brushes and including.

One a bit but um there’s two levels to this they’re levels to this a level but I mean crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy.

Over this because it’s so amazing and I like to think of myself as someone who went through an acne face when I was younger and as soon as I finish puberty come and see dynamite Queen came out skin flawless and I think that this is obviously like really really helped me to get things interested I don’t really use exfoliant in one of.

My face is too harsh for me but I can use it for my body so I basically can use that.

All over the body and put like you know a bit of a scrub.

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