Smart Home Tech : Smart Lighting Setup With Smart Bulbs

You really can’t get much warmer so again very important I just what I want you guys to take from this is if you’re gonna get smart home bulbs or these tech products stick to the same brand again I’m using them like this.

Because you know I got them for free as part of sponsorship so I’m not complaining but if I was gonna buy them I would.

Stick to lifx or I would stick to low Hoss at least that’s what I’ve discovered now trying to make that one brand throughout your house but realistically when you go into the app and you start adding the low.

Hoss polyps and I’ve checked out I’m not using the low cost app on these I’m using smart life and that’s the thing different.

Brands they still have their own app but what you’ll find is as you start.

To add these devices to your home across the different brands you’ll see that some apps work with different devices so for instance flux works with.

Bulbs the inexpensive eBay LED controllers smart life works with all different kind of brands of products and of course lifx only works at lifx but the life x app like i said it’s really the most user-friendly you get the most control you can set the groups and everything works in unison and it’s just perfectly color matched so just a little bit a little bit of information for you guys to think about let me know what you guys think I’ll put links in the.

Description to all this stuff if you wanna make a purchase whether it be low Hoss or flux you’ll have the opportunity to do so and guys thank you very much for watching.

Let me know you guys think subscribe.

To their channel as always guys have a wonderful day take care.

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