Smart Home Tech : Smart Lighting Setup With Smart Bulbs

Cool and purple the little hospital is not as warm as I’d like to see it but it’s still pretty pretty warm the fireplace lights right here you can see these are a perfect warm white color however these this bulb didn’t work not that long ago it was still turning to a column like that so these are the flex.

Bulbs they’re very temperamental why that is I don’t know and of course more lost bulbs you can see they’re more of a cooler white now you can’t find two nose and dials in and I still recommend the low hospitals if you’re looking for an alternative to flux bulbs that are you know only 45 46 dollars for free they cost as.

You know they’re the life exfol is three times as much so I still recommend you know my favorites lifx but if you’re gonna go with a cheaper alternative my pic is still lost and there will be links in description for each one of these flux the only problem I have to say about flux like I said it’ll randomly drop that connection lose your wife right credentials and you get re Adam till your network that.

Shouldn’t be but you can see the warm white with voice control is perfect so a couple different you know issues with these products again lifx no issues aloha pretty darn awesome and I just want demonstrate right now I’ll just show.

You the low hospital and I’ll demonstrate that.

You can get that absolutely perfect but for whatever reason another with your voice you’re not going to get the perfect warm white with that so if we just go over to white through the app and we’ve changed the temperature down we can get that down to.

And you can see this is where Google said it and if we go all the way up to cool you can see that’s a very very cool you know uncomfortable light but bring it all the way down you.

Get a much warmer white but that is warm as the flux bulb so again that’s the only issue but.

Remember we’re looking on side by side comparing them you know it’s if you didn’t see the warmth of the flux bulb you probably would think that look as cool they do but you really can’t get that really warm white out of them now if you wanted to you can go into the color wheel and hopefully you’ve I can’t see that so I’m just gonna stop showing you here but you can go into the color wheel here and if I go.

Ahead and just go into color I can then change the saturation so I can bring this over what I would.

Consider warm like that and then bring down the saturation where I can get whoops I get the exact color warmth that I want you can bring that closer to red but you know all this is all this is kind of time-consuming to go in there and get that perfect.

Color so again most important thing is being able to set up groups being able to set up those colors to work in unison and the other thing with this kind of stuff is that the apps depending on which brands you go you’re.

Either gonna have to use the magic magical the magic.

Light app and the smart life app are.

Two of the main apps at most these products use with the exception of like Eli they use their own app but.

A lot of devices I have such as the iview low Hoss and you can.

See the eye view before you forget is like a pastel color so in that one.

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