Smart Home Tech : Smart Lighting Setup With Smart Bulbs

Gonna get involved in any smart home tech gear I definitely suggest you get whether it be the Google or the Amazon product it’s gonna save you the headache of having to pull out your phone every time you want to change the color or turn them on or off remember you’re losing the switch these have to be plugged in and on all.

The time so you can turn them off but you need to use the app your phone becomes the app they’re sort of the app and your phone or tablet becomes a.

Switch down so that’s all something to get used to what’s nice with the voice control products which in this room I have a amount genie mounted in the ceiling with a Google dot and or Google just Google mini excuse me and so that is an awesome product it’s hard wiring the ceiling is centrally.

Located and when you mount those devices on the ceiling.

Like that you they could really be heard throughout almost the entire house so it’s a great way.

To mounting those smart or those assistants so I want you to meet your computer if it’s got a body if you have a Google at home I don’t want yours going off one guy got pretty upset that I didn’t give him a warning I didn’t edit that out but like I said I shoot from the hip so I’m giving you guys the courtesy of letting.

You know I’m gonna tell the device to do something I’m gonna change the color to blue okay so here we go mute your computer and when you see the light turn you can unmute it so here we go hey Google change the color of the office lights blue okay so obviously all six lights blue or red do it again I’m gonna change the color of three different colors and.

Then white so new your computer one more time and we’re gonna end up white so I can talk about the white variation you’ll see the three colors.

Are consistent so we’re angle we’re.

Already at blue we’re already in green and then white so three different times when you see them turn white you can unmute your computer so here we go mute now hey Google change the color.

The office lights to red hey Google change the color of the office lights green hey Google change.

The color of the office lights to warm white okay so what I’ve done I finished off on warm white and I want to show you the.

Variation of the colors now if you go into the app which is kind of a pain if you want to change each bulb to the perfect color and unfortunately if you go with different brands your a lot of times you’re using different apps which is only the negative thing you have.

Lot of stuff it’s that it’s nice to have one app.

And hopefully at some point Google will maybe come out with an app that controls everything because it works the assistant you can give those commands and ask you see and those three colors all the balls matched but when we went to warm white you can see and I’m gonna pick you guys up for a second you can see right over here that I view.

Ball for whatever reason and you can dial us in with the app to get warm white but unfortunately when you use your voice it turns it’s like this very light pastel kind of purplish white light very very.

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