Smart Home Tech : Smart Lighting Setup With Smart Bulbs

And of course lifx further discount in helping to supply the house with some of their products now right off the bat my favourite bulb is still lifx I mean you pay a lot for they are expensive but you get the most lumens you.

Get the most adjustability their app is just it’s just absolutely user friendly and awesome and you get basically all the same features that these other brands have the only difference one light fix bulbs around your 50 bucks roughly you get three low hostels for $45 so you know what.

To decide on what you want to spend your.

Money on now I still think to date if I had to if I was Neal and I bought the life expose I did buy two of them on my own dime and then I as my channel start to grow I reach.

Out to them they say we can give you a discount code or reviewers discount which they gave me 50% off to buy those but still $25 of bulbs still pretty expensive I will say customer.

Service has been awesome I had one issue with one of their bulbs for every reason just stopped working and they.

No questions asked send me another bowl updates are easy the Kelvin temperature for the whites you can really dial in exactly the white.

Color you want and it’s absolutely perfect whereas these other brands not so much you can still get your warm still your cool but there are sometimes variations in that cool or warm so I always say that if you’re gonna add your stuff into your home stick with.

One brand if you could afford lifx I reckon then if you can’t blow.

Haase is my next top choice to lifx you can get a warm white you get a cool white not as good as the lifx.

But when it comes to the other colors pretty much the same thing in addition to that they’re they’re 800.

Lumens whereas a lot of the other entry-level lights are 600 which is your 40 watt equivalent so the loss give.

You a little bit more output and that they work flawlessly good build construction nice light output that’s my second choice now let’s talk about flux flux bulbs I don’t recommend and these.

Are the bulbs that are in these lamps right here and the reason it recommended because the.

Only smart bulb that I’ve had that’s given me an issue randomly a month every two months it’ll drop Wi-Fi connection forget the credentials and you have to re add it to your network which none of the other products in my house do that why they do that I have no idea I’m not sure if they’re defective but they both do it I’m.

Not sure if it’s a firmware issue but I would highly suggest you not get a flex bulb until that problem is corrected again I use them here I mainly keep them on you.

Know blue for the most part as you can.

See right now they’re all green but I just wanna straight for a second to color variation so pick one brand stick with that one brand throughout your house so there is no color variation now if you’re not concerned with now greens are gonna be greens blues are gonna be blues.

And the rest of the colors are gonna be pretty consistent right across the brand but it’s where the whites come in so I’m just gonna demonstrate something so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use my voice right now with the Google assistant which if you’re.

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