Smart Home Tech : Smart Lighting Setup With Smart Bulbs

Good afternoon YouTube and welcome back to fat cat collections and today I want to talk about smart lighting and specifically screw in bulbs that are Wi-Fi enabled that allow you to change the color temperature most of the times 16 million different colors and any shade of white that you would like whether it be warm white or cool white.

Are pros and cons to each manufacturer I want to talk about today.

And I just want to tell you guys about my experience.

And what I think about these products now I love obviously I love be able to change the light color and just have a cool relaxing kind of setting for whatever I may be doing today we chose green and I’m gonna change that color a little bit just to give you guys an.

Example of some things that you might want to think about if you’re looking to add the stuff into your home now remember when you get bulbs like this you lose the ability to have a switch and for if you’re old-school and like most people it’s convenient to have a switch we come.

In the room you turn it on or off with this you have to think of these bulbs as now your switch is your phone or a voice enabled assistant which i think if you’re gonna get.

Involved in any of this smart home tech stuff you really need to have.

That to really make it because this stuff brings a lot of cool features into your home but it also makes it less convenient to turn these on or off or not now it’s great for setting timers it’s great.

That every light for instance in this office right here I have two bulbs in front of me by low Hoss I have two bulbs on this fireplace here bye-bye flux and the lamps back there is another bulb in the torch lamp right there that one spy little Hoss and then in the actual black shaded lamp over there that one’s by eye view the other.

Two brands have our lifx which they’re in different rooms and magic light so I want to talk about each one of those devices and just kind of give you guys my two cents on what I think you guys.

Should get if you looking to integrate this into your home what you should really have so one determine which devices you want to have these bulbs in okay for me my I don’t have cans in the office and as you guys know I’m always struggling with light in here even though I have a bathroom with windows I have two big giant windows I mean all ceiling to knee level it’s.

Justthis in the colors pretty light in here forever reason another the videos probably my.

Camera something to do with it it’s never super-bright so I have a lot of lamps in here and people are always like good for lamps but and they say like that too but I already have in here six lamps on right now six and natural-like Kona now mind you it’s green we’re gonna change the color just a second but the thing is that I have a lot of lot of lamps in here so all these bulbs I have in here.

These were all bulbs sent to me by manufacturers as part of the sponsorship to share with you guys so before I begin I want thank those companies we want to thank iView as always you guys are always sending me stuff I want to go into thank flux and I’m gonna go ahead and thank Louis and of course in the other rooms magic light.

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