On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

Glare and we see the odd-shaped reflections of the concealment jet swing across the screen the south-facing weather cam in Talkeetna Alaska shows another eclipse with a large planet full of craters notice the airplane shaped.

Reflection of the concealment jet which aligns itself with the eclipsing planet and the black center of the.

For optimum concealment this planet has some very interesting craters and texture to it which are really brought out with some contrast applied from old Harbor Alaska we see the black dot reflecting upon the water proving that it is not a camera issue but an actual piece of equipment from the weather cam in.

Tazlina tole sona we see the concealment jet in action again closely following a transparent planet barely even visible with contrast applied to it reflections of this jet swing across the lower part.

Of the screen as the Sun approaches the planet in preparation for.

An eclipse notice how the reflections of the jet equipment line themselves up with the.

Eclipsing planet and the center of the Sun simulator these objects are part of an approaching celestial system many people ask when the system will make its closest pass to our earth a general indication of time is provided in the following screens of text please don’t forget to like this video and subscribe you good afternoon this is universal news media today is March 28 2018 today we will be viewing.

Images from unedited photos obtained yesterday from the federal aviation weather.

Cams in Alaska and Canada all videos are in time-lapse mode with each frame equal to 10 minutes our first video came from the east-facing weather cam located in Chandeleur shelf Alaska it shows a white Sun with a yellow perimeter most.

People have noticed that our Sun is no longer yellow its white the yellow rim that you see is our actual Sun the white Center is an artificial light installed.

About 20,000 miles from the earth its glare radiates outward from a tiny but incredibly intense light source that NAT NASA patented years ago with the US Patent Office NASA named it Sun simulator in their patent it tracks in.

Perfect synchronization with the Sun planets pass in front of the real Sun but behind the Sun simulator so that so that it’s not obvious and eclipses occurring just as in this video from the weather cam in Wainwright Alaska the black.

Dot in the center of the Sun simulator is an actual piece of equipment and casts a reflection upon the water as seen in this image from the Myers Chuck Alaska weather cam in this video from Burwash in the Yukon Territory.

Of Canada the real Sun is not visible because it is behind the helium-4 gas cloud which is only visible to some far north areas our March 23rd video shows this gas cloud in great detail when the Sun Simulator.

Passes behind a small object it.

This could never happen to our real Sun in this video from Drumheller Alberta in Canada the same thing happens the Sun simulator disappears behind a tiny streetlight again this could not be our real son in this video from Prince Rupert.

British Columbia in Canada the son simulator disappears behind a small bird feeder post ignore the vertical line through the Sun that’s a glare line that many of the Canadian weather cams have in this video.

From the south west facing weather cam in Kenai Alaska we see some objects in the upper left corner of the screen which are very.

Transparent from the atmospheric chemicals they have an amazing amount of texture which suggests that they are planets since they are oval instead of round their shape is most likely being skewed from the lens array installed around the Sun simulator we will see some detailed reflections of those lenses in a minute some contrast has been added to.

These images for better viewing when these frames are played.

In sequence it is obvious that they are rotating a special concealment jet accompanies.

Every eclipse as viewed here on the south east facing weather cam in Knob Ridge Alaska this jet causes very colourful and odd shaped reflections on thousands of these faa images that such as we see here the jet always follows the eclipsing planet which is successfully hidden by the transparency of the atmospheric chemicals here in this image the south west facing weather cam in Lake.

Clarke paths east Alaska shows a red fast rotating planet with an enormous gaping crater this planet is somewhat transparent in the atmospheric chemicals but some contrast brings out the image much better the yawning crater does make it very easy to see how fast this planet is rotating in this video from the south facing weather cam in North Way Alaska it is easy to tell.

That an eclipse is occurring because for five frames everything turns to a dark green on a perfectly cloudless afternoon this mean that this means that the Eclipse took just.

Under an hour to complete here is the highly textured fast rotating red planet we see frequently viewed from the west facing weather cam in.

The concealment jet is not visible from this angle but we see it’s colorful reflect reflections swing across the bottom of the screen the close-up gives viewers a better look at the Red Planet this video from Chilkat Alaska shows some effects of the lenses installed around the Sun simulator for the first few frames we see the Red Planet again.

Then we see a much larger planet in the upper left corner which has been blurred by the Sun simulator and it’s also somewhat transparent from the atmospheric chemicals in the next frame both objects disappear 20 minutes later both objects reappear this happened because of the lens array the South was facing weather cam in Good News Bay Alaska captured an interesting reflection of the lenses in the Sun simulator we see these same identical reflections in many of the weather cams from the south west facing weather.

Cam in Hawk Inlet Alaska it looks like the Sun is setting behind the mountain that is not the Sun it’s a different celestial object setting behind the mountain look at the timestamp it’s a quarter till five twenty minutes later.

At 5:06 the real Sun emerges from behind the clouds and it will be setting very soon the west facing weather cam in hydaburg Alaska shows the Sun still up just enough to cast.

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