On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

March 19th the south west.

Facing weather cam in port Lions Alaska picked up a very faint image of something enormous and tan colored on the right side of the screen partially set over the horizon as the Sun begins to descend for the evening it’s nearly transparent from the atmospheric chemicals but look closely because it is there then on March.

4th the south-facing weather cam at Hoonah Alaska captured this same object on.

So massive that neither the top nor the bottom of this object can fit into the camera screen we had an even sharper view of this the very next day on another rare cloudy day in.

Hoonah Alaska for Earth to not be in an upheaval it must still be many millions of miles away this mammoth object sets next to the left left of our Sun causing very pinkish red skies.

The lower 48 states where we are lucky enough to see a piece of the horizon through heavy chemtrail cloud cover as the Sun moves westward the Sun simulator explained in many previous videos puts out an enormous amount of glare in an attempt to engulf this huge object in glare rendering it non viewable this glare and.

Golfing feature is what our son to have the appearance of changing sizes dramatically throughout the day viewers may recall that the other day we saw the Sun about 30 times its normal size from the south-facing weather cam and kipnuk Alaska this same gigantic tan-colored planet that we see every morning clouds permitting from the southwest facing camera at the military base in Elmendorf Richardson Alaska there is a third object on the right edge of the screen remember this because we will see that again later the Sun appears to take on a.

Contorted shape as the Sun Simulator and golf sis object in glare to make it non viewable clouds permitting we see the same huge object rising next to the Sun every morning from the south east facing weather cam located in chika Miss Canyon British Columbia in Canada our real Sun is the smaller light.

On the left and the gigantic.

Tan orb now highly illuminated by the Sun simulator is on the right the concealment jet explained in detail in our March 21st video maintains perfect alignment with the center of the Sun simulator and the eclipsing planet sending signals to.

The Sun simulator regarding the various types of concealment viet glare and golfing blurring or shadowing odd-shaped reflections of this concealment jet are visible near the bottom of the.

Screen in the last frame we see the blurring mechanism applied eventually this gigantic object becomes blurred and then fades away into the transparency.

Of the atmospheric chemicals on the southwest facing camera in skagway alaska we see the late afternoon sun getting low and approaching these same two objects again that we saw from the military base and ahuna alaska cameras soon they will be setting to the left and to the right of our Sun causing red and.

Pink skies to the left and to the right of our Sun the Sun simulator takes on a contorted shape in order to cover the closest object in.

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