On October 23, 2018 Nibiru News Strange Images Will Reappear In The Sky As In 2017!

For this image here it is again that zoomed in just very very strange cloud formations chemtrails paint reflections that we’ve not seen before the truth needs to come out now and I’m hoping the government news media are watching our channels seeing these changes but I have contacted the BBC channel 4 and other.

Media channels and they just say that these are just normal nothing strange to see here because they have been told to say nothing another true image thank you Andy so what I’m.

Gonna do is I’m gonna go to other subscribers images but Andy thank you for your persistence showing the truth and if you get any other images please send them in because we do have to show them it’s so important and take care.

This next image is coming from Vicki from Florida now she states in an email as well look what they’re doing right up there thousands of feet high is chemtrails okay and that lowered cloud formations you can just see to the top of the screen everything is truly much.

Different now isn’t it and also Vicki thank you for sending this in because we really need to see these images this next image is from Colorado in the USA and Monica this lady subscriber is just persistent.

And noticing those different colors just reflecting on these gems and cloud systems another fine image just absolutely outstanding how many people are showing these now to showing that our skies are reflecting different textures and colors from other objects are the heavily bodies here we have another image has come in from another really kind subscriber called Alonso now this chap is from Africa near Malawi and he seemed very.

Strange formations can you clearly see that this is a chemtrail they’re spraying the skies over there too and.

Look at that red reflection that red haze as assault the Sun Goes Down we’ve got another object they’re covering it over there too so everywhere around the world is being sprayed a huge agenda from all governments so please again take care listen next couple.

Of images have been taken by Suzanne Honeyman another kind subscriber sends a lot of information in as.

Well and states that there there was an object on the opposite side reflecting as the Sun went down this is not the soul the Sun here on the screen here there’s another object look at.

This red reflection this was well captured I heard that everybody sees this as.

Very well caught of a huge object and states as well that the sky above was very blue behind all these chemtrails cloud formation just being lowered down and also just trash in the sky but it was.

Well caught the sky had opened up underneath here to show you that there is another object fantastic image here is the the image that’s been zoomed in there is definitely something that’s showing.

Itself there on the horizon very very spectacular image and thank you again Susana and if you catch anything else please send the footage in because we would.

All like to see this to show in that there is other celestial bodies that are now showing themselves this is what they don’t want us.

To see thank you for this these are just coming through as well okay from Susanna now this lady subscriber is very persistent she’s on the coastline the.

North west and she can clearly.

See as well two light colors in the sky we see these on other images from around the world this paint haze the yellow reflection here’s from the Solar Sun we’ve got this other object that’s in front of our son this pink reflection is coming in very very strong here’s the next photograph again pink haze in the sky trash chemtrails it’s all evidence that we have a huge incoming problem.

And again it is so important for people to prepare for this these colors have never been seen before and our skies this is.

The last image from Suzanne just showing you this huge reflection so please again keep safe all of us must keep safe when taking images of the skies because we are seeing this.

Problem that’s coming in it really is frustrating to know that the public around the.

World are still not looking up we’ve got images coming through from.

Pee palms now this lady subscribers from Pennsylvania and she is so upset to see her trees being burnt now again look at the area at the back and also the the sunflower look at the plant life here it’s changing color and also drying out and this is what she is saying on our email that it’s scorched it’s just drying up very unhealthy through the past years it was very very healthy but you can see now these changes and it’s annoying that.

No one is saying anything or even warning us because we are being affected by this as well really really bad as an.

Enter CD’s plants and treason the growth now on their work in the world that’s earth just slowly drying up now dying this is the image zoomed back in this kind subscribers back garden again look in the center look out drawing these trees look now the cow I mean it’s warm it’s dying isn’t it she’s really upset about this because it was very healthy in the past something is up there reflecting there is a huge problem as well with these solar flares the activity up.

There is getting much worse it’s not calming down it’s getting much worse more intense up there so again thank you for these images showing the proof that there is a problem I just want to show this images just come in again from Susanna it’s a bigger image of this object that’s facing the Northeast to the opposite side now we’ve really got.

To take notice of the Northeast sky seeing that red haze up there it really is important and I just.

Want to say thank you for sending all your photographs and images and video footage in because we really have to just continue to see that the skies and everything.

Is changing around us because again this is the only way that we’re going to try and get the information out there because the.

Powers that be won’t say a word I say our tracking this heavily body they just want their banking system to stay as it is the agenda is happening now all across the world so please again take care and I will do another video shortly from Matt Rogers today we will be viewing.

Images from unedited photos obtained over the past couple days from the federal aviation weather cams scattered across Alaska and Canada all videos are in time-lapse mode with each frame equal to 10 minutes on.

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